The Story So Far …


I’ve been blogging on and off for the last five years – mainly about books and writing.

I’ve worked full time all my life and the last two years have been the most satisfying and rewarding of my career. After fuelling all my energy into that exciting project at work, I’m now on maternity leave desperately trying to cling on to what brain cells I have left.

Maternity leave and babies can be boring (controversial I know but so god damn true. It took me ages to write these small paragraphs as I had to play a dummy game with an overtired, whingey baby).

I need something to to keep me sane (other than the odd KIT day here and there. Which I love. I’m weird – I’m a workaholic).

Therefore – I’m reading, writing and blogging again.

Here’s a bit of a prologue for you …

English was my favourite subject at school and I loved writing short stories. In middle school, I had a wonderful English teacher who really brought literature to life.  He’s published a novel of his own now, a thriller called ‘Beyond Saving’. 

I spent my childhood summers reading the likes of Nancy Drew and the Famous Five, then writing my own versions in a little notebook straight after.

I loved reading about families at the turn of the century. I started a story back when I was eleven called ‘Pottersville’ and I fully intend to re-visit this and turn it into a novel (one day!) I’m particularly fascinated by World War 2, especially the impact it had on the role’s of women in society. I’m currently working on a historical ghost-writing project which is one of the most interesting pieces I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in.

Back in 2011 and 2012, I attended Creative Writing Classes to motivate those dormant writing urges again. It worked and you can see my attempts under ‘Creative Writing Cafe’.

2011 saw me self-publish my first Children’s Book – The Ruby of Egypt through, followed by a content revision and a cover revamp in January 2013.

Ruby of Egypt Cover 2013


I’ve had my short story Breaking The Rules published in The I Am Woman Anthology 2.

I am woman

I do regular Author Interviews with my Cuppa and A Catch-Up post so if you are an author and would like to be featured please get in touch 🙂

Cuppa and a Catch up pic


I’m a proud member of Melissa Foster’s Awesome Support Team #GoTeamPIF

Go Team PIF

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Happy reading 🙂

Love Missuswolf xxx



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