Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with … Melissa Foster

SUNDAY 24th MARCH 2013

Cuppa and a Catch up pic

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Melissa Foster, Award-Winning Author of Bestsellers on Amazon Megan’s Way, Chasing Amanda and Come Back To Me. She is also founder of Melissa Foster’s Amazing Support Team #GoTeamPIF that I am honoured to be a part of. Melissa has just released her psychological thriller Traces of Kara, a book that I have just finished reading and that I couldn’t put down! It really had my heart racing!

~Author Bio~

Melissa FosterMelissa Foster is the bestselling, award-winning author of three novels, Megan’s Way, Chasing Amanda, and Come Back to Me. She has also been published in Indie Chicks, and anthology. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Cafe, and Fostering Success. Melissa is currently collaborating in the film production of Megan’s Way.

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children, she’s written for Calgary’s Child Magazine and Women Business Owners Magazine, and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa is currently working on her next novel, and lives in Maryland with her family. Melissa’s interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping women see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on The Women’s Nest or her personal website.


Kara Knight can’t wait to leave her hometown for the promise of nursing school and a fresh start on her future–leaving behind an over Traces of Karaprotective mother, a broken heart and painful memories. However, twenty-five miles away, the twin she doesn’t know exists is determined to be reunited with the sister he cannot forget. Kara is abducted and thrown into her obsessive captor’s delusional world. As the past she thought she knew unravels around her, Kara struggles to make sense of the memories that come creeping back, threatening her sanity and her safety. Meanwhile, Kara’s mother races against time to save the daughter she fears she will lose when a long-held secret is revealed. The hours tick away as her captor plays out his plan–to take Kara with him into death at the exact moment of their birth, never to be separated again. TRACES OF KARA is an action packed, pulse pounding psychological thriller/suspense novel that features a determined killer who slowly loses his grip on reality as his carefully detailed plan starts to fall apart and a heroine determined to move forward with her life who now must reconcile everything she believed to be true about her family with the reality of their tragic past.

Now get all snug and cosy as we catch up with the lovely Melissa Foster …

Hi Melissa and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

 Thank you, Gemma! I’m excited to be chatting with you today.

Where did the inspiration behind Traces of Kara come from?

We recently moved into a small town, and one night we went exploring, and we happened upon a power plan that I didn’t know existed. I could not turn away from it. I actually got out of the car and stood and stared at it for about twenty minutes with my kids freaking out in the car because it was so creepy (Dad was in the car with them, they were really fine). I knew at that moment that something had to happen in that building!

Megan's WayHow would you compare writing this book with Megan’s Way, Chasing Amanda and Come Back To Me?

TRACES OF KARA was very difficult for me to write. I’m not used to writing such dark fiction, and I didn’t expect the story to turn as dark as it did. I actually found myself getting sucked into the underworld darkness. When I’d sit down to write, I climbed into a deranged man’s head instead of a troubled woman’s head (like with my previous books), and I had to become him for hours each day. I found that my outlook changed while writing this book—I was gloomy a lot, obviously taken from the character.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

Because I had small children, I had to wait 15 years from the moment I knew I wanted to write, until I actually began writing. And once the kids were all in school full-time, I sat down at my computer and have never looked back.

How do you organise your writing time?Chasing Amanda

I’m very stingy with my writing time. Monday through Friday, I write from 9-2, and I only get up from my computer under duress. I do take social media breaks (I’m a chataholic after all!), and I take about 3 minutes to eat lunch while I write, but other than that, Once I’m in a character’s head, I remain there until I absolutely have to pick up my children.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

Without a doubt, in my office. I LOVE my new office. It’s filled with windows and has glass French doors, there’s a treadmill desk so I can write and walk at the same time, and the music is ALWAYS on (and loud!). When we built our house I had my office cut in half. I love cozy spaces, and mine suits me just perfectly.

Come Back to meOh my god I LOVE the treadmill desk idea! Maybe one day I will copy you …

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

Ah, secret time! I’m not sure that there’s anything interesting about me, lol. I did martial arts for a few years and was two belts away from black when I stopped (I miss it). I love fruits and veges, and I get cranky if I don’t get outside. I hate television (but will watch with my hunky hubby and kids), love to go to the movies, and will dance in the rain any day of the week.

 Thank you for being here today Melissa.

Gemma, you are such a bright light in my world. I see you in so many realms; social media, private writer’s groups, various blogs—you’re a joy to interact with and I love your high energy. Thank you for hosting me today and sharing your blog and readers with me. xox

~Where to find Melissa Foster~





Traces of Kara

Love Missuswolf xxx


Cover Reveal for SJ Byrne’s Opal’s Song



Today I am proud and honoured to host Author SJ Byrne as part of her cover reveal for her next book ‘Opal’s Song.’

Opal’s Song

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00100]

Coming 2013 – Release date to be announced

A horrific accident on a rain slicked mountainside and permanent paralysis from the waist down.

25 year old Lily Wade has to relearn simple, everyday activities just to live a seemingly normal life.

Opal—a precocious child in her rehabilitation group—teaches Lily about living joyfully after surviving an immense tragedy and how to find peace within the pain.

To keep a promise made, Lily must dust off her once beloved cello and connect with the music she’s kept locked inside a velvet lined case for nearly a decade.

~A Teaser~

 The headlights of Darren’s extended cab Chevy swung from left to right as he took the switch back curves much faster than normal. Lines of tension formed beside his mouth, and his usually relaxed hands clutched the black leather steering wheel in a white knuckle death grip. Something about the way he pumped the brakes wasn’t quite right, and the momentum of the truck was picking up instead of slowing down.

 Lily wanted to ask if everything was okay, but didn’t dare distract him from what was quickly becoming a dangerous situation. Deep ingrained reflex made her tug on the strap of her seat belt to ensure it would hold if the worst case scenario played itself out.

She’d ventured East with her boyfriend to explore and get away from the stifling rules of her parents. They had come into Western North Carolina via the Blue Ridge Mountains and immediately fallen in love with the place. Eclectic Asheville stole her heart with its combination of forward movement and backwards thinking. Only in that particular valley, surrounded by some of the oldest mountains in the world, could one community find the wherewithal to support so many varied lifestyle modalities. From the redneck–hillbilly descendants of the original Scottish settlers, to the new agers, dirty hippies, and flamboyant gays—Asheville catered to them all.

Lily wanted to share the exuberance of the area with her family, but suddenly feared the chance to do so would come at the cost of a glossy wooden box. Tears filled her eyes as she swallowed past a lump forming in her throat. She didn’t want to die.

“Aww, FUCK!”

Darren’s barely whispered expletive caught Lily’s attention as the tail end of the truck swung around. Suddenly they were facing the way they’d come. On any other day Darren would’ve calmly turned the wheel until the truck righted itself. For some reason the beast didn’t respond to his handling. The vehicle continued to spin until something in the front end snapped, and Lily stared in horror. One of the tires flew away from the truck, and in that instant she realized what people said was true—in the moments before death time slows down as the brain processes everything in minute detail.

Bright headlamps illuminated the surrounding forest as the front end of the truck crashed down onto the road. Heavy metal screeching on asphalt filled Lily’s ears only to be replaced with the sound of trees snapping beneath the force of a full sized pick-up rolling down the side of a mountain.

Up became down, and Lily’s insides threatened to come out as she was jerked about behind the increasingly tighter band of her protective belt. If she’d been sitting next to Darren her head would’ve been spared the repetitive abuse of being tossed against the passenger window. Lily didn’t want to scream out her fear, but found she had no control over her vocal cords—her screeches of distress echoed in the confined space until the imploding windshield drowned her out. Shards from the window flew towards them, cutting her neck and face as they tumbled around inside the cab.

Everything stopped all at once. The crashing roll of the truck, the cutting of the glass shards, even Lily’s screams. The Chevy landed on its side with her hanging by her seat belt, staring down at the unconscious form of her boyfriend. The smell of gasoline filled the air and Lily felt the spike of adrenaline wash through her nervous system.

“Darren! Darren, wake up!” She yelled as loud as her constricted lungs would allow behind the crushing force of the nylon strap. “Darren, we have to get out of this truck!”

Darren remained unconscious, and Lily refused to give into the blind panic threatening to take over. Breathing deep she quickly surveyed her position and the quickest escape route. The windshield had completely shattered, making that the only way out of the wreckage as the door above her wouldn’t budge when she tried pushing it open. Grabbing hold of the oh-shit handle, she pulled the weight of her body off the belt and pushed the release button. Blinding heat zipped through her body as she crashed face first against Darren’s side and was knocked out cold by the force of their skulls connecting.


 Something wet trickled down the side of her face just before an excruciating pain exploded behind her eyes, and Lily knew she was about to have the mother of all migraines. She thought to press the heels of both hands against her throbbing eye sockets, but found her body remained motionless against the command. A soft moan beneath her was worrying, though she couldn’t think why. The muscle of her shoulder flexed involuntarily and a jolt of pain flashed down her spine, stopping abruptly in her hips. A deep breath meant to calm her frantic thoughts brought more pain and then the blessed blackness.


 “Hang in there little lady. We’ve almost got you out.”

Lily whimpered as a sudden shock of agony rippled through her arms and torso, but the sound of someone talking eased her anxiety. She wasn’t alone—thank god. The voice became a life line she clung to with her mind until sweet oblivion pulled her back into its warm embrace.


“They rolled down the side of Mount Pisgah. From what I can gather she was pinned in place by her seat belt, until she managed to undo it and then fell against his side.”

The conversation felt a million miles away. Surely they weren’t talking about her. Before she could give it another thought, the air was filled with excited chatter and frantic movements. She wanted to open her eyes and see what was going on, but her lids were too heavy to lift. Moving the muscles of her body required a strength she didn’t possess and fear flooded her thoughts as she cried out in frustration. The air she pulled through her nose tasted strange on the back of her tongue. Oblivion stretched out its arms and Lily went into them without a fight.

Find out more about Opal’s Song and it’s release

by visiting SJ Byrne or Opal’s Song on Facebook

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00100]

A portion of all proceeds from Opal’s Song will be donated

to help children with disabilities…more information forthcoming.

About the Author


Living in the mountains of Western North Carolina SJ Byrne is just trying to make her way through the insanity that comes with creativity. Writing is her passion – life is her muse. Keep an eye out for new books due later this pic

Connect with SJ via:





Read more about her books on:




Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with … Sheila Deeth


Cuppa and a Catch up pic

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Sheila Deeth Author of ‘Divide By Zero’

~Author Bio~Sheila Deeth pic

Sheila Deeth grew up in the UK and has a Bachelors and Masters in mathematics from Cambridge University, England. Now living in the States near Portland Oregon, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, telling stories and meeting her neighbors’ dogs on the green.



It takes a subdivision to raise a child, and a wealth of threads to weave a tapestry, until one breaks. Troy, the garage mechanic’s son, loves Lydia, the
rich man’s daughter. Amethyst has a remarkable cat and Andrea a curious accent. Old Abigail knows more than anyone else but doesn’t speak. And in Paradise Park a middle aged man keeps watch while autistic Amelia keeps getting lost. Pastor Bill, at the church of Paradise, tries to mend people. Peter mends cars. But when that fraying thread gives way it might take a child to raise the subdivision…or to mend it.

Now let’s get all cosy with our cuppa’s and catch up with the lovely Sheila Deeth …

Hi Sheila and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Divide By ZeroWhere did the inspiration behind Divide By Zero come from?

At first it was just a series of stories written for various prompts on Then the characters took on a life of their own. Somebody died—much to my surprise—and I just had to know more.

 How would you compare writing this book with anything you have previously written?

I’m not sure I’d recommend writing a novel this way. Getting all the stories to fit along the timeline was complicated, and there were so many characters, all very determined to make sure I got things right. It was fun though, spending time with each one as I walked our dog around the green.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

I’ve always told stories. Even when I didn’t have time to write, I taught chess club in elementary school by telling stories of kids learning to play. And even before I could talk I apparently “chattered” constantly. In elementary school the teachers would “borrow” me from class to keep the older kids entertained with my stories. Eventually the principal presented me with two alternatives—either learn to write or learn to speak into a microphone. The pencil was less scary.FlowerChild72dpi

How do you organise your writing time?

I’m very disorganized. Writing time is my chocolate treat when all the work is done.

 Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I can write anytime, anywhere, and nothing can distract me. Unfortunately, if I write things longhand I’ll really struggle to read them afterward, so on the computer in the middle of the family room is my usual writing space, often with my husband getting more and more frustrated as I fail to notice he’s talking to me.

Joshuas Journeys Cape AragoAnd finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

Am I interesting? I’m English, American, Catholic, Protestant, a mathematician, and a writer. And I love teaching kids to play chess.

 Thank you for being here today Sheila.

Thank you for inviting me, and for having such a lovely site to invite me to!

~Where to find Sheila Deeth~


Twitter @sheiladeeth






The Story So Far … Little Miss Pooshoe takes her first steps

MONDAY 18th MARCH 2013

Good morning readers, I hope you all had a great weekend! It has been a bit chaotic over in Missuswolf’s StoryLand, not only have I had the pleasure ofSeventy Thousand hosting two fabulous Author’s this weekend, I managed to get the first ten chapter’s of Little Miss Pooshoe edited again and submitted to my editor, Jenny, eeeek!

So how do I feel? Well, I still feel there is so much more work that could be done on those chapter’s, but my eyes are too used to the manuscript now.  I can’t see past my unconditional love for the story, so it feels the right time for it to be viewed by a professional.

Of course I am nervous at what feedback I will receive, however I am very excited at the same time. The wheels are well and truly in motion for a dream I have had ever since I was a little girl and I can’t wait to see what I get back from Jenny. It’s all a journey of discovery, learning and improving and I want to share every step of the way with you guys.

In the meantime, I will get cracking at editing the rest of the novel in a bid to distract myself.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with…Victoria Watson

SUNDAY 17th MARCH 2013

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Vic Watson, a fellow North Easterner who is on a similar mission to myself. She has published a short story called ‘The Piano’ as well as a collection of short stories ‘Letting Go’. I worked with her on the I Am Woman Anthology. Her current work in progress is her debut novel called ‘Fix Me Up.’

I had the pleasure of working with Victoria on the I Am Woman Anthology Volume 2, the second Anthology of short stories I am woman kindlewritten by women to raise funds for charities who help women both in the UK and across the world. I submitted my short story ‘Breaking The Rules’ to her for consideration, which she kindly accepted to be in this wonderful Anthology. She proofread and edited my submission before unleashing it on the world.

~Author Bio~

Victoria Watson completed a BA (Hons) in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies from NewcastleUniversity in 2008. Part of her dissertation was subsequently taught in an undergraduate module.

author picVictoria achieved a Masters degree in Creative Writing with Commendation in 2010. She is currently studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in the Post Compulsory Education and Training.

Victoria has contributed to publications including ‘True Faith’ (a Newcastle United fanzine), NCJ Media’s north-east titles The Journal, Evening Chronicle and Sunday Sun. She has also reviewed for Amazon, Waterstones and Closer Magazine.

She was awarded ‘Young Reviewer of the Year’ by ncjMedia in 2009 and her short story ‘The Piano’ won North Tyneside Council’s Story Tyne competition in November 2012.

Victoria had a story published in the ‘Home Tomorrow’ anthology published by 6th Edition Publishing in 2011. Her work is also featured in several charity anthologies. She published a collection of her short stories entitled ‘Letting Go’ in February 2012. ‘The Piano’ is also available for download on Amazon.

Victoria writes a blog at She is the official blogger for Whitley Bay Film Festival and also contributes to The Cultural Thing and The Northern Line blogs.

Victoria currently runs two writing groups in WhitleyBay, North Tyneside but is looking to run sessions in Newcastle and Northumberland.

Victoria is currently in the process of setting up Elementary V Watson Proofreading and Copywriting Services.

Now get cosy with that cuppa as we catch up with this lovely lady and fellow North Easterner…

Hi Vic and welcome! It’s great to have you here and congratulations on the publication of your stories!

Tell us a bit about your work in progress and where did the inspiration behind Fix Me Up come from?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. While studying for my Masters in Creative Writing at Northumbria University, I began writing a story about a girl and her dead grandmother. The story was meant to be about the relationship between the two and the girl’s struggle to come to terms with the fact that they weren’t speaking when her grandmother died tragically after being mugged by a drug addict. However, when I read back the separate characters, I realised the more compelling story lay with Colin, the drug addict.

How would you compare writing this book with writing your previous books; ‘Letting Go’ and ‘The Piano’.Letting Go

 Fix Me Up is written mainly in Geordie dialect which definitely differs from anything I’ve written before. Letting Go is a collection of short stories and flash fiction and The Piano is a short story about a daughter trying to come to terms with her father’s dementia. One thing I think all of my writing has in common is the fact that I always concentrate on ordinary people in not-so-ordinary situations.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

I’ve loved reading since I was a little girl and I couldn’t imagine a life without reading. There have been lots of books that have inspired me over the years and one author who has continued to delight and surprise me well into adulthood is Roald Dahl. I love his use of language, how he makes up words that are so evocative is something I really admire.

I also love the fact that books can have an impact on society. For example, Anne Frank’s Diary and To Kill a Mockingbird have been massively inspirational to me.

The PianoI see that you are studying to be a creative writing teacher– congratulations! How do you organise your writing time?

With great difficulty! I run a couple of writing groups every week so you’d think that would give me time to write but I spend most of my time there supporting the other members of the group and working on the teaching side of things. I’m not complaining though as I absolutely love it. I write when I can but I am a big procrastinator, I have to have a deadline.

I’m a deadline kind of girl too – I seem to work better under pressure!

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

 I like to be alone when I’m writing. In the summer I like to sit in the conservatory and be able to look at the garden in bloom. In the winter, I’m generally on the sofa with the TV on in the background. When I’m overseas, I like to be near the sea or a pool, I’m a real waterbaby.

The only person I can bear to be around when I write is The Boy Wonder. Generally, I can’t write comfortably when other people are around.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

When I was a teenager, I constantly imitated Posh Spice. It was not my finest moment.

Thank you for being here today Victoria!

~Where to find Victoria Watson~


You can find Vic on Facebook

She is on Twitter as @vpeanuts

Letting Go

The Piano

I am woman

Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with…Michaelene McElroy


Cuppa and a Catch up pic

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Michaelene McElroy, author to ‘The Last Supper Catering Company’.

~Author Bio~author pic

Michaelene McElroy makes her debut as an author with The Last Supper Catering Company.  She lives on four acres in the woods on an island in the Puget Sound of Washington State where magic is ever present.


Genre: Literary Fiction/Elastic Reality

The Last Supper Catering Company is the heartwarming story of  B. Thankful Childe-Lucknow. Turned out with red corkscrew hair, one eye brown, the other green, and gifted with the power to hear the voices of the departed, B. Thankful is cast aside by the town, and lives an isolated upbringing in the woods with Big G, Little G, and Tyler Lucknow.

Tragedy, followed by the discovery of a long-forgotten paint-by-number picture of the Last Supper, thrusts B. Thankful from the safety of everything she has ever known.

Beyond the boundary of her sheltered life, B. Thankful discovers the world’s hard edges as well as its beauty.  More importantly, with the help of a cast of quirky and tenderhearted souls (both earthly and heavenly), she discovers why God made her special.

Now get snuggled with that cuppa as we catch up with Michaelene….

Hi Michaelene and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Gemma, thank you so very much for inviting me to be your guest at Cuppa and a Catch Up.  Your lovely cup and saucer logo have inspired me to enjoy a cup of tea while I answer your questions.

bookWhere did the inspiration behind The Last Supper Catering Company come from?

The inspiration for the Last Supper Catering Company came from a piece on NPR (National Public Radio) on death row inmates and their last supper requests.   While listening, I heard a young girl’s voice, steeped in the way of the South, ask me what I would choose for my last supper.  I sat down at the computer and B. Thankful began to tell me her story.

How would you compare writing this book with anything you have previously written?

The Last Supper Catering Company is written in first person, which made the experience much more intimate.  Although I couldn’t get “into the minds” of other characters, I came to know my main character in a way I had never perceived possible, especially since B. Thankful is the personification of how the world could be.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

I began writing heavily burdened poetry in high school, during the turbulent 60s – Vietnam, civil rights – to survive what I perceived as the madness of the times.  I recently came across these old poems and noticed, even then, my writing was edged with hope. 

How do you organize your writing time?

I don’t organize my writing time, and I only write when I’m joyful at the thought of sitting down and spending time with the characters that come to visit and tell me their story.  From personal experience, I find if I try and force a schedule, my writing becomes convoluted, the story manipulated by a need to accomplish a goal, as opposed to finding the truth.  I prefer an organic approach, much like gardening.  I have to tend the soil, plant the seed and give it time to germinate.  If I pluck them too soon, they may be lacking that special bloom I’m looking for.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I live in the woods on an island in the Puget Sound (Washington State), so I’m comfortably locked away from the hectic world of Mainland USA.  My writing space looks out over my property, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  I maintain the four park-like acres that I own by myself so I see what needs tending to on a daily basis.  When I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me power washing decks, building birdhouses, running behind the mower, trimming the field.  My creativity is tied to physical movement, so my characters run along by my side and we hash out their problems (and mine) as I work.  My creative juices also flow in the area of chocolate. I’m currently developing a line of chocolate and lavender confections for a local shop in town.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I’ve always wanted to be a chanteuse.

 Thank you for being here today, Michaelene.

~Where to find Michaelene~

Facebook – Michaelene McElroy-Author



Amazon – Kindle  

Amazon – Paperback

Barnes and Noble  – Paperback 


Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with…Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson


Cuppa and a Catch up pic

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson, author to ‘Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom’, a children’s picture book series as well as novels Love and Liberty, Love’s Trust, Callie’s Fate and Georgia’s Smile.

Author Head Shot 2013


Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson is the author of military/romance/suspense and erotic stories published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing. She also writes “Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom,” a children’s picturebook series co-illustrated by her daughter. Lee-Ann is a member of the Canadian Romance Authors Network. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom – Sugarland

Queen Emily SugarlandWhen Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her into an Enchanted Kingdom. She is transformed into Queen Emily, the ruler of the land. Her most beloved friend and favorite bedtime stuffy, comes alive and together, they solve the mystery of the candy covered Kingdom. In the process, Queen Emily learns an important lesson about what can happen when you eat too many treats!

Available at:



 Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom – LitterbugLitterbug

When Emily goes to sleep at night, her dreams take her to the Enchanted Kingdom where she becomes Queen Emily, ruler of the land. With her most beloved stuffy by her side, Big Ted and Queen Emily solve the mystery of the Litterbug. In the process, Queen Emily teaches her citizens a valuable lesson about the importance of keeping their Enchanted Kingdom neat and tidy.

Available at:



Grab that pack of biccies and get snug with your cuppa as we catch up with Lee-Ann…

Hi Lee-Ann and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Thank you, Gemma. I appreciate you taking the time to host me.

Love and LibertyWhere did the inspiration behind Queen Emily’s Enchanted Kingdom come from?

This series was inspired by my daughter. We have cuddle time at night where we make up stories together. The “Queen Emily” tales are based on scenarios my daughter wishes she could be in. As “Queen Emily,” she would live in a world full of treats (Sugarland), clean up the planet (Litterbug), and spend more alone time with mom (Dreamland – in production.)

How would you compare writing this book with Love and Liberty, Love’s Trust, Callie’s Fate and Georgia’s Smile?

The children’s picturebooks are fun to write, but definitely a lot more work as my daughter and I also create the illustrations. Neither of us are true “artists” so these books take a lot of time to complete. I definitely need to switch my mindset in order to write the military/romance/suspense and erotica books. Love's Trust

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurned you on?

I always fancied myself as a bit of a storyteller. I still have the first short story I wrote in Grade 3 entitled “The Hobo,” for which I got an A+. I guess that sort of lit the first fire of awareness.

 How do you organise your writing time?

The writing gets done in between getting the kids to school, volunteering at the school, dealing with the household issues, grocery shopping, walking the dog, reviewing books, and marking assignments. If there is time, I write.

 Callie's FateWhere is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

I love every room in my house. I don’t have a favourite spot. When the story needs to be told, the laptop comes out. I can be in bed, on the couch, in my office, or snuggling beside my kids while they read. It really doesn’t matter where I am. What matters is the need of the characters to tell their story.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I am a huge fan of kickboxing. Not watching it – participating. I’ve been doing this for over two years now and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Georgia's SmileThe endorphin rush and stress relief achieved from pounding on the bags is incredible. I’ve done a lot of physical workouts in my days, but nothing that has ever left me with the feeling of possibly losing my breakfast and needing to sit down before heading home. That is what I consider a total body performance. Go hard or go home.

 Thank you for being here today Lee-Ann.

It was my pleasure, Gemma. Thank you so much for hosting me.

~Where to find Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson ~



Tiny URL



Gypsy Shadow Publishing

Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing

Author Facebook





Google +


Queen Emily Sugarland

Love Missuswolf xxx


The Story So Far…

MONDAY 11th MARCH 2013

Cuppa and a Catch up picHello readers – it has been a while since I did a catch up post on what has actually been happening in the writing world of Missuswolf’s StoryLand. Since launching the Cuppa and a Catch Up Author Interview feature, I have had the pleasure of hosting a variety of wonderful writers who I have connected with this past year. I now have slots free from April so if any author/aspiring author would like to be featured, please leave a comment or get in touch via my Facebook Author Page or DM me on Twitter @Missuswolf.

So what’s happening with Miss Pooshoe?

Well, Miss Pooshoe may be having a change of title to ‘Little Miss Pooshoe’ (will refer to her as LMP) and I am at the half way stages of roundSeventy Thousand one of editing. I work with a lovely lady, Kerry Richardson (read her blog here) who is a crime writer and is in the process of getting her first book edited. She has kindly put me in touch with her editor, Jenny, who contacted me back straight away and has given me loads of advice and we have arranged for her to edit my book woohoo!

Following the advice she has sent, I want to do a second round of edits on LMP before I let  my baby loose to be interrogated to see if she copes with the pressure of having words/sentences/chapters(?) tortured out of her eeek! However, I know it is for the best and will do LMP good, it will be character building for her and make her stronger and more credible.

From next week, I hope to do some serious editing as Jenny has space in April to start looking at LMP (gulp!)

In the meantime, I have been learning a lot in the Social Media world. I am a proud of member of Melissa Foster’s Amazing Support Team #GoTeamPIF, a group I joined in September and it has been the best six months of my life. I have met some fantastic people who have helped me develop as a writer as well as through my social media marketing side. I have even managed to do a Book Trailer for The Ruby of Egypt (Plug Alert – here it is again for anyone who hasn’t had it pushed down their neck Something I never thought I would do. I now have a clear idea of how to do a book launch and have some exciting ideas in the pipeline for when LMP is eventually released (still hoping it is before I hit the big three zero which is fast approaching – I have ten months left).

It’s all go at the moment, so I am off now to schedule a few more blog posts, catch up on my social media and squeeze a bit of editing in – all before a nine hour nightshift. Now where is that coffee pot…..

Love Missuswolf xxx

Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with…Barbie Herrera AKA Martha Emms

SUNDAY 10th MARCH 2013

Cuppa and a Catch up pic

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Hope all your lovely mummys are being spoilt rotten out there.

On this special day I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Martha Emms, Author of Portrait of Our Marriage.

~AUTHphoto2OR BIO ~

I live in Southern California, with my youngest son, who’s going to college, and our many cats. I won’t say how many or you’ll be calling me the crazy cat lady. Okay, I admit to being a little crazy and I am The Cat Lady! Just not the kind you see being hauled away on TV. I have three adult children. Two have left the nest and are now serving in the military. My daughter is in the Air Force and my eldest son is in the Navy. I’m an avid reader. I love nature, the beach, flowers, and gardening. I love beautiful sunlit days and rainy cold ones too.


Overcoming the strict influence of a domineering father, Nicky looks for change and adventure in her life. She meets and falls in love with the man of her dreams. He completes her in ways she never dreamed of, both emotionally and sexually. She had never known such a love before.

Learning to overcome her fears, Nicky must learn to value her own beliefs and to fight for what she holds dear.

Life, love, passion, marriage, family, all of her dreams come true until it becomes obvious that her husbands once casual interest in porn has become an obsession that has not only changed him, but their intimate life and marriage as well.

What should she do? What would you endure for love? Powerful, sexy, fun, thought provoking, blatantly realistic, Portrait of Our Marriage is an intense psychological romance that takes you behind closed doors into the secret life of a couple and the forbidden world of porn addiction.

A story of Love vs Addiction, you will not forget.

Grab that cuppa and get snug as we catch up with Martha Emms…

Hi Martha and welcome! It’s great to have you here.

Where did the inspiration behind Portrait of Our Marriage come from?

Years ago I watched an episode of The Oprah Show. It dealt with the issue of porn addiction. That evening after watching the show, I experienced the first of several dreams. The dreams where so real, it was as if I were watching a movie. A story unfolded in my dreams and that was the beginning of my inspiration. The book title is descriptive of the story as Nicky, remembers events from her life, while looking through pictures.
Ultimately she must face the changes in her life and marriage. Since I had recurring dreams, I felt there must be a reason and I knew I needed to tell the story.                                                                                                                                                                                   

How would you compare writing this book with anything you have written previously? Portrait of Our Marriage Cover FINAL 4 shares

Before writing Portrait of Our Marriage, I had written poetry, songs, and a children’s story. But this book was different. It took a long time to write, I had to read a lot about the subject and I needed to find people with personal experience. Also, I wanted to tell about the impact of a man’s porn addiction through a woman’s eyes. I wanted the story to be as real as possible without sounding like a lecture.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

I had a wild imagination, often making up stories at a very young age. I could always guess the endings of books and movies so I would make up changes to the story in my mind. I would share my poems and stories. I also wrote cards with personal poems for my friends and family and when I was older I used to write songs.

How do you organize your writing time?

I don’t. I write when I have the story or ideas in my head. Sometimes very late at night or early in the morning. I do organize research though.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?

My favourite place to write is when I’m in bed with a crime drama playing on the TV. But I can write almost anywhere if the story is in my head.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I survived a severed aorta, severed lung, being in a coma, and I still have unbalanced pupils from brain damage that I suffered from an auto accident. I had to relearn to use my left arm and walk. Because of that, no matter what happens in my life, I will never give up and I would tell everyone the same thing, “No matter what happens in your life never give up.”

Thank you for being here today Martha.

~Where to find Martha Emms~


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Portrait of Our Marriage Cover FINAL 4 shares


Love Missuswolf xxx




Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with….H C Elliston


Cuppa and a Catch up pic

I would like to wish a warm welcome to the lovely Helen Elliston, who has just released her fourth book in January Played By You.Helen

~Author Bio~

I live in the UK, run a small online pet art business, write romantic thrillers, and am about to add carer and nanny to my list of roles.  I’m a dog mum to two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a vegetarian, always try to see the silver lining in life, and love curling up with a good book or a good film on an evening.


Played By You“It was near impossible to wrap my mind around Taylor having done this after the chemistry we’d shared last night. But then chemistry, as I’d learned back home, is merely a glitzy emotion that ebbs and flows and is not a
guarantee of loyalty.”

FLY INTO THE WORLD OF spirited twenty-two year old Misty as she goes all out to protect her sister, gets irresistibly drawn into the passionate fire of a mysterious colleague, and entangled in a deception she is yet to unravel during a spellbinding short business trip to glitzy Singapore.

WHILE MISTY is played from all sides, experience some delights of the sunny, cultural fusion-pot before discovering that LUCK, HOPE and that thing we chase… LOVE… is only ever around the corner – sometimes we just need help to not miss the turn.

WARNING: contains some strong
language & sexual scenes.
Romantic thriller – 28,000 words, 14

Get cosy with that cuppa as we meet such an amazing lady…

Hi Helen and welcome! It’s great to have you here and congratulations on publishing your fourth book!

Where did the inspiration behind Played By You come from?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Singapore several times and could not resist using this as a setting for one of my books as it’s such a fabulous place.  The story itself developed as I wrote.  I knew it would be a business trip in order to have Singapore as the setting, and I knew this one would be a con/swindle rather than a murder etc… but that was all I had outlined when I began.  Only after writing the first chapter (which of course changed) did the story and characters start to take shape.

How would you compare writing this book with writing your previous books; Think Fast Die Last, Tick Tock think fast die lastRun and Shiver Sweet?

This book was easier to edit due to it being a novella, so I could do read throughs all in one sitting.  I would also say it was a morsel easier to write because I am a bit more experienced due to it being my fourth book.  However it was also harder to write because we had a bombshell dropped on our family while I was writing it, but I guess that also made me more determined to finish it and make it the best read I possibly could.

How did you start writing? Was there a particular book or moment in your life that spurred you on?

Tick tock runI started writing in 2007 (perhaps a little earlier)  I love a good story in books and films; thrillers, romance, lots of tension… and I guess that is what spurred me on.  Writing was really just a hobby at first, another creative outlet, but I soon got addicted and absolutely thrive on it now.   I never expected that it would consume me, my brain and time to this extent, or that years later I’d have four books released.

I see that you are an artist as well as an author – congratulations! You have some beautiful pieces. How do you organise your time between writing and drawing?

Both writing and painting are very time consuming, but I am lucky that I enjoy both, it just means that I have long days and working from home means you never really leave work.  I enjoy swinging between the two and using different skill sets and different types of creativity.

Where is your best ‘writing space’; the place where you feel comfortably locked away from the world and able to let your creative juices flow?Shiver Sweet

Wow.  That’s a straight forward question with a complicated answer.  Just this weekend I made the heart-wrenching decision to leave my life in Yorkshire to move down to Devon to support my sister (who sadly has a malignant brain tumour diagnosed sep 2012) and to support her husband and my gorgeous nearly 2 yr old niece.  So life is very chaotic and tough at the moment.  My writing space is at present anywhere my computer is… with my two dogs sat at my feet!  And to be honest, over the coming months of my sister’s radiotherapy writing is going to be my escape (should I have time to do any work on book 5) – but I love it so it is a welcome escape!

A fab idea - book cover on heels! One of Helen's many talents.

A fab idea – book cover on heels! One of Helen’s many talents.

And finally, tell us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was ten years old because I couldn’t bear the thought of eating animals, especially seeing as I had pets. I’m scared of spiders, and so September in the UK is not a good month for me.  Ummm… what else?  Oh, and I struggle to walk in high heels, (don’t know why but I wobble and my feet ache in them) so I can only admire with green eyes all the lovely shoes in shops and on people’s feet.



Thank you for being here today Helen.

Another pair of 'book-shoes' amazing artwork by Helen

Another pair of ‘book-shoes’ amazing artwork by Helen

Thank you so much for having me, Gemma!!  I really appreciate it, and wish you all the luck in the world with your own books!


~Where to find H.C Elliston~

Twitter @HCElliston


Get your copy of Played By You here

Played By You

 Love Missuswolf xxx

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