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MONDAY 27th AUGUST 2012Back on the 13th August, the fabulous blogger, A Mummys View, nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Her kind words were:

A wonderful, friendly and aspiring novelist who already has a fabulous book, The Ruby of Egypt which you must check out

Now I must nominate six bloggers and tell you ten things about myself that you didn’t know.

Therefore, I nominate:

Michelle Betham – Romance Author an inspirational Indie Author from the North East of England who has successfully self-published five romance novels within the past year.

Kerry-Ann Richardson – What to Write…. A lovely work colleague and a lady who is also on a journey writing a crime novel.

The Fabulous Moms Guide –    a fab lady who has a beautiful blog on parenting with some yummy recipes thrown in the mix too

E.M Tippetts – a wonderful blog from a Chick Lit and YA Author who has just released her new book Castles on the Sand. I have just viewed her media footage for her new book and it’s fantastic.

I am woman campaign –  a great blog that’s about using our voices to help other women, publishing flash fiction aspart of their fundraising strategy which also supports us authors.

H.C Elliston – Fab  and friendly writer,  a lovely lady whose books include that of fast action paced Think Fast Die Last


1) When I was about 7 I was the Princess of a local Shopping Centre…The Keel Row in Blyth! I got to go and cut ribbons at shop openings and parade with Santa around the centre!

2) I am Woman Campaign are have kindly accepted a submission of my flash fiction which they will be featuring in their next anthology eeek.

3) I started to learn how to play the guitar when I was about 11. My poor parens got me a guitar and I went to lessons at school but promptly got bored and put an end to that fad.

4) I used to go to dancing classes on a Saturday morning from the age of 5 til I was 9, doing ballet, tap and modern. I received numerous awards for my capers.

5) I was born in Nottingham but then moved up to the North East when I was 3

A piccie from a walk along Druridge Bay on a rare sunny day this summer

6) I LOVE Geordie Shore, it is my guilty pleasure

7) I visited Mother Shiptons Cave for the first time this summer too and really enjoyed it

8) I have been dog sitting my mother in laws dog a few times this summer and have had some wonderful walks at Druridge Bay with her

9) Went to the Baltic in Newcastle today for the first time. I will most definitely be returning.

10) I love good old British Classic comedies, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses to name a few.

So thanks to A Mummys View for my nomination:-)

Have a great evening

Love Missuswolf xxx

Missuswolf’s StoryLand….The Story So Far


Well here I am everyone, it is exactly a year ago today since I embarked on my blog journey documenting my reading and writing through Missuswolf’s StoryLand.

What a year it has been!

It has seen me self publish my Children’s Story The Ruby Of Egypt (cheeky book plug opportunity – download/buy it here)

It has followed me through the reading of 26 books; from classics such as Pride and Prejudice to a variety of genre from Marian Keyes Chick-Lit, Stephen King Horror, and Patricia Cornwell Crime.

I have not only jumped on bandwagons and read The Fifty Shades Series, I have supported the works of fellow Indie Author’s on Twitter and downloaded their masterpieces too.

It has documented my attendance at Geek Club, a creative writing class I did last Autumn.

And finally, it captured my gruelling Novel Project 2012; to write a novel in 2 months back in January/February of 2012, Miss Pooshoe. She has endured round one of editing, is now being subjected to critical proof reading prior to another round of editing. I want this baby to perfect before she is unleashed to the world prior to the age of Three Zero.

Who would have thought a lovely ladies who lunch would lead to a blog being born on the advice of someone I see very little of, lives on the other side of the globe yet whom I now consider an inspirational guardian angel.

You know who you are.

I have loved every minute of my first blogging year and can’t wait to get stuck in and see what Year Two brings me.

So thanks to everyone who has followed me and supported me so far.

Love Missuswolf xxx



The Memory Songbook – Douglas Glenn Clark


Morning All, apologies for the blogging neglect I have had a busy few weeks with work/a certain other half’s 30th birthday celebrations – plus the delightful distraction of the wonderful Olympics (Gooooo Team GB!) which I am SERIOUSLY having withdrawal symptoms from! Role on the Paralympics.

It hasn’t left me much time for much reading or writing.

However, my most recent conquest is a lovely little tale from a gentleman I follow on Twitter by the name of Douglas Glenn Clark The Memory Songbook.

It is a very touching story that’s narrative flits between that of a teenager and a middle-aged man, one battling the emotions of hopes and dreams of the future, another grasping so grimly to those memories of the past – a theme which is highlighted even more so by that of the character ‘Gramps’ . It really opens your mind to how precious life really is and how fast it really does pass you by, with memories being the treasurable things we cling onto; and how devastating it is when we begin to lose those memories.

It is well written, with dialogue that easily flows and is beautifully descriptive in places. My particular favourite is ‘the mist in her eyes turned to rain’; such a simple sentence that conjures up such a vivid image.

You can purchase this little treat here for your Kindle at £2.44.

Follow the Author on Twitter, who is based in the more sunnier climes of LA @Memory_Songbook

He also has his own blog

Love Missuswolf xxx

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