Build A Man – Talli Roland


Good Afternoon All! What a wet and miserable day it has been! I have been in bed from night shift so it has been perfect get snug in bed weather – however that is all it is really good for – as well as drowning my plants. Cheers.

Last night, I finished reading on My Beloved Kindle Build A Man by Talli Roland.

What a thoroughly enjoyable read! I LOVED this book.

The storyline is an interesting one and set in the Cosmetic Surgery World, with great characters, particularly the Main Character, Serenity, who is on a mission to make it as a tabloid journalist.

The journey follows Serenity as she chases her dream, wrestling with her conscious of what is right and wrong along the way as she follows Jeremy Ritchie’s transformation.

A heartwarming story that has you hooked, eager to find out what becomes of Serenity’s career and Jeremy’s surgery.

A lovely piece of escapism and a pleasant read.

Build A Man is available on Amazon at 99p, a modest price for such a fab book. Get your copy here.

You can follow Talli Roland on Twitter @TalliRoland as well as follow her blog; TalliRoland

Love Missuswolf xxx


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