Windy Wasdale

MONDAY 30th APRIL 2012

I have just about recovered from an extremely exhausting but highly rewarding weekend. Friday afternoon saw me and the hubby embark on a camping adventure with two of our closest friends. We set off early afternoon for the Lake District for a lovely area called Wasdale Head.

 After a week or what can only be described as torrential downpour, the odds were definitely in our favour as the sun managed to squeeze its rays out and keep the rain at bay. The Wasdale Head Inn is the only hotel in the Wasdale Valley and is home of the British Rock climbing.

We set up camp (well, the boys set up the tent as us ladies sipped fizz from our fab plastic wine glasses) occasionally giving a helping hand as demonstrated below….

Ever seen that episode of Friends where Rachel appears to be helping hold the couch? Yup, I pulled that trick too 🙂

Once we had made ourselves at home (I was ITCHING to unpack! To make it homely – you know as you do when you first go into a hotel room? Anyone else do that?) Not that there was much to unpack; booze, food and sleeping bags. Done.

We headed over to the Wasdale Inn to fill our bellies with their delicious home-made food – I had Shepherd’s Pie with veg and home-made chips washed down with a lovely oaky glass of Chardonnay. De-light-ful! Then on to the tent for more booze and camp games; including Connect Four.

Friday night saw a pretty uneventful night’s sleep – however despite having been on night shift the night before and only having four hours sleep, I didn’t manage to get a lot of shut eye. I think my mind was working in over drive of all the what ifs; what if a meteorite hit the tent? what if one of the scary sheep from the field came and started eating us? What happened if a man wielding an axe came to the tent??

Saturday saw an early start as the wind picked up and flapped the tent; the sheep started talking to each other and a dog barking. Feeling a bit ropey through lack of sleep (plus a fuzzy wine head) I managed to pull myself around to have a bacon sarnie then prepare for the ultimate mission; to climb Scafell Pike. Waterproofed up and layered to the max, we started our adventure up Scafell Pike….only to realise we had taken a slight detour from the original path and needed to climb a few fences, strategically move over some barbed wire and then trek up a steep incline – equalling a very hard and sweaty start.

Not to be disheartened, we continued our trek to the top – which was both mentally and physically challenging. Me and the hub managed it in two and a half hours and the relief that was felt at the top and the sense of achievement was overwhelming.

Woohoo we did it!!

However, what goes up, must come down. And down we came, along the steepest part of the mountain in which I spent most of it sliding on my bum (fondly nicknamed ‘The Slug’ by the hub) The feeling of relief once we finally reached the tent was amazing.

 After a quick hot shower, it was back into the pub for another lovely meal and a celebratory drink before settling in the tent for the night. However, after the luck we had with the weather during the day – sunny intervals, no rain and only a slight breeze, Mr Wind decided to well and truly pick up and it blew a hooly all night! So much so our side of the tent collapsed! Unbelievably the hubby slept through it all as once again my paranoid mind thought I was going to get trapped and die of suffocation, hence me having my hands on the tents zip so I could make a swift exit if required!

Another early start saw us eating bacon sarnies and drinking tea as the men took the tent down [we did tidy up the stuff from inside before hand – using the grand excuse that we would purchase the breakfast from the Happy Campers Cafe as our escape route 😉 ]

P.S note how all the other tents are upright and barely moving!

With ice picks for hands, we hacked away at putting everything in the car and then set sail back to the North East. What a hoot of a weekend, one I will never forget and that has made me learn a bit more about myself. I am pleased I pushed myself to the limits to climb Scafell Pike and I must admit, I well and truly have the hiking bug!

Next stops, Snowdonia and maybe even Ben Nevis! Plus there’s always the possibility of a story to come out of it…Scafell Frights!

Only kidding, or maybe not, maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep…..

A fab weekend with fab friends

Love Missuswolf xxx

Images by Emma Buckton


Build A Man – Talli Roland


Good Afternoon All! What a wet and miserable day it has been! I have been in bed from night shift so it has been perfect get snug in bed weather – however that is all it is really good for – as well as drowning my plants. Cheers.

Last night, I finished reading on My Beloved Kindle Build A Man by Talli Roland.

What a thoroughly enjoyable read! I LOVED this book.

The storyline is an interesting one and set in the Cosmetic Surgery World, with great characters, particularly the Main Character, Serenity, who is on a mission to make it as a tabloid journalist.

The journey follows Serenity as she chases her dream, wrestling with her conscious of what is right and wrong along the way as she follows Jeremy Ritchie’s transformation.

A heartwarming story that has you hooked, eager to find out what becomes of Serenity’s career and Jeremy’s surgery.

A lovely piece of escapism and a pleasant read.

Build A Man is available on Amazon at 99p, a modest price for such a fab book. Get your copy here.

You can follow Talli Roland on Twitter @TalliRoland as well as follow her blog; TalliRoland

Love Missuswolf xxx

An Ode to (pssst there is also 12% discount this week)


Good Morning All!

The fabulous is a website where you can self publish your books through them and distribute to Amazon, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Nook. For all you writers out there just starting up, this is an ideal site to go through; it is free to set up and format, the only cost is that you have to purchase a copy of your book (you get reduced rates) in order to proof read it before it can be sent for distribution.

You get a decent royalty on your books when they are purchased direct through The Royalty if they are purchased through Amazon from Lulu’s distribution is a lot less, however the positive side is that it is on one of the most used sites in the world to purchase books.

This week, are offering 12% discount off any of their books!

Just enter code EARTHUK at the checkout (sneaky chance for a plug of my book – you can 12% off The Ruby Of Egypt – click here)

So, here’s to! A great platform of opportunity for us Indie Authors.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Thank You!


Yesterday, I took advantage of a marketing opportunity with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Self Publishing. You have the option of up to 5 days free promotion; which can be used for consecutive days or it can be used independently.

I chose the one day option to promote The Ruby of Egypt [saving the other 4 days for future creations 🙂  ]

It proved successful in more ways than one. Not only has my book been downloaded across the world now, I discovered it prompted a few sales today of both e-books and paperback. Excellent!

However, Self Promo is exhausting and even I got sick of seeing my own tweets! 

So I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded my book, Retweeted my tweets, followed me and to those who went on to buy it today. I really appreciate it.

Now to reward myself with yummy food and vino….

Love Missuswolf xxx

The Ruby of Egypt – Kindle Promotion


Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a fab weekend and the start of the week is being kind to you.

My weekend was great, despite the fact that I was working this couldn’t dampen my spirits as I spent some quality time with lovely friends and their family, as well as being delighted to discover that, on Sunday, I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter woohoo!

As a little thank you I am pleased to announce that any of you Kindle Lovers out there will be available to download my book The Ruby of Egypt for FREE from Amazon from Wednesday 18th April for one day only! (this will be from Pacific Standard Time which i thinks is 8 hours behind us so it should be avail from 8am on the 18th until 8am on the 19th – however I may be wrong – this Pacific Standard and GMT Time malarkey is not my strong point!)

So hop on over to Amazon on Wednesday 18th April to get your free copy and Happy Reading 🙂 xxx

Thanks again

Love Missuswolf xxx


FRIDAY 13th APRIL 2012 (try to ignore that is Friday 13th eeeek! Hope it was an ok day for you!)

Those of you familiar with the  BBC TV Programme Miranda  (starring Miranda Hart) will be well acquainted with the catchphrase ‘What Have You Done Today To Make Me Feeeeeel Proud?’, taken from the song Proud by Heather Small; which is used as an empowering speech daily by Miranda’s best friend, Stevie.

I was introduced to Miranda recently by a colleague at work who kindly let me borrow her ‘what I call’   DVD’s. I spent Saturday just gone on a miserable, dark, grey afternoon watching both series from start to finish. Needless to say, I was hooked ! I kept thinking ‘just another episode’ then before I knew it, I had whizzed my way through them, hee-haw laughing at it – much to the delight of my poor neighbours! Such fun!

Another beautifully funny British Comedy, nice to get snug with a cup of tea too; reminds me of old classics such as Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, Absolutely Fabulous and the like.

I have just had a peek at Miranda Hart’s website and I see there is a third series scheduled for Autumn 2012 yey!

So I thought it would be wise to take a leaf out of Stevie’s book and ask…


Well, my good deed for the day was swapping my hours at work to help out another shift. A minor change that, in the grand scheme of things, made a big difference enabling the working environment to operate efficiently; plus the hours suited me and the work got done.

Now, over to you lovelies………


Love Missuswolf xxx

My Claim to Fame….


Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents.

I wanted to share with you my little claim to fame from back in the day…

When I was 13years old, I was a member of the Radio Times Magazine and NewsRound’s ‘Press Pack’ gang.

Yup, I was one of those eager teens who scribbled away at assignments in a desperate plea to win. The prize now escapes me (probably as I never won – sob!) However, I did come close. Twice.

On both occasions I got to spend the day down at London’s BBC studios in the Blue Peter Garden (eeks! I even spied Andy Peters) as well as in the NewsRound studio, where I had to audition in front of a camera delivering a news report. This involved learning lines and spouting them professionally to the camera gulp!

Although I didn’t win, I really enjoyed the experience and it is something I will never ever forget.

Sadly, I can’t find the article that I wrote for submission – it would be interesting to look back and see what my 13 year old head was thinking.

Not only did I get featured in the Gateshead Herald wohoo! (article pictured – yes hideous photo alert! Check ooot my fab t-shirt) I also got the joy of having to stand up in School Assembly as the Head Master proudly announced my achievements (cue my face flushing obscenely crimson and wishing the cold tiled floor would give way beneath me, letting me fall freely away from this, cringe! argh!)

But It was my little slice of fame which I achieved through writing.

Maybe one day history will repeat itself and I will end up in a Studio with someone reading lines from my book in front of a camera. One can but dream – back to reality and eating my Morrison’s chicken (yum) and scoffing the last of my Easter Eggs before I iron my work shirts.

For anyone who wants to read what was written in the article, I have typed it (yes sad I know) below.


Love Missuswolf xxx

GEMMA SCOOPS HONOURS AT BBC (Oooh I do sound like royalty!)

Young newshound Gemma Gray could soon be swapping the classroom for the newsroom after scooping a top prize in a national reporting competition.

The 13 year old pupil from Brockwell Middle School in Cramlington was named as one of four finalists in the nationwide search for top young reporters by the Newsround Press Pack team.

With over 100,000 members, Press Pack is currently the country’s largest young journalists club run by the Radio Times.

In January, members were set an assignment on holiday attractions. Gemma’s story on rollercoasters was shortlisted and she was invited to BBC Television Centre in London for an audition.

Although pipped at the post, Gemma’s report will now be featured along with the three other finalists on Newround’s Ceefax Page 517.

Courtesy of Gateshead Herald March 26 1997


Too Much Trouble In Paradise – Michelle Betham


All snug in bed this morning listening to that awful howling wind outside, I escaped to sunnier climates as I finished the last couple of chapters of Michelle Betham’s Too Much Trouble in Paradise.

This story follows Molly and her turbulent journey battling with her head and her heart; mixing scenes from not only Tenerife but also the North East of England which, as a fellow Geordie, I found endearing.

It is a wonderful light read, begging to be read from a sunlounger; however it is a lovely little night-time read before bed – although the cliff hanger chapters have you rebelling way past your bedtime.

You can view her blog here – Michelle Betham Romance Author – following her journey on the character’s and scenarios she creates for her future novels.

Follow her on Twitter @michellebetham

A delight to stock up your Kindle with, especially for your summer read, available here on Amazon for £1.33.

Love Missuswolf xxx



A Ruby Easter – 5* Review on Amazon

MONDAY 09th APRIL 2012

Happy Easter everyone!

I know I’m a day late but I was celebrating my lovely friends wedding yesterday.

I wanted to share with you lovelies a fab 5* Review that was given to my book The Ruby of Egypt by a fellow author Jeremy P Bowen.

The Ruby of Egypt by Gemma Wilford
5.0 out of 5 stars Great, fun story!, 7 April 2012
Awww… what a great story. Not read a teen / kid book since, well, since I was one! This was recommended so gave it a go. It is so not what I would usually read, but I really enjoyed it. The story flows well from the start, the main character is immediately likeable, and it has a pace that will keep anyone, not just kids, hooked. Loved the way it brings alive Egypt, past and present – gave me an almost Poirot-style impression of the place. It had all the classic elements of a great action plot, knitted together perfectly.

Go read it. Better still, get your tweens and teens to read it too, they will love it.

So I want to say a huge thanks to Jeremy P Bowen for his wonderful review. I have recently read his book In the Shadow of Death which I also reviewed on here and I highly recommend it.For all you Kindle Lovers, it is available on Amazon for £1.94, click here. Follow him on Twitter @Ginner_B.

It’s lovely to write stories and even more wonderful when you find others enjoy them.

The Ruby of Egypt is available to buy on Amazon click here £4.99 in paperback, £2.58 for Kindle.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Good Housekeeping Competition


Good Morning lovelies!

This title could be misleading as it makes me sound like I am in a competition in the upkeep of a house – which I clearly am not as I am a wee bit lazy. I’m always exhausted after six days of ten hour shifts so that by the time my days off come around the last thing I want to do is clean/wash/iron – UGHL! (I think once I move from my flat to a house I will magically become a domestic goddess but right now I would rather read/write/watch tv/sleep/sunbathe –  well the latter  was last week by no means this week!)

Back in December I was on a wee trip out with my mother as we so often do on my days off, pottering around the shops. We hadn’t planned to, but we ended up taking a detour to a local supermarket on the way home where we both spotted the Good Housekeeping magazine on the shelves – with a competition to win the chance to have your novel published.

(Subscribe to Good Housekeeping here)


At this point, I didn’t consider what I was going to write, I just bought the magazine and was safe in the knowledge I had until 31st March as a closing date.

I went about my day contemplating what I could write and then it struck me – I had always planned to write a novel in the New Year based around a woman who loses her job, yet sprinkle it with a comical element. It was slightly based on my own experience and was to include all the daft things I have said and done.

That’s when the lightbulb struck.

Rather than write two novels – one for the comp and the one I was going to write anyway, I thought I may as well go full steam ahead with my Novel Project 2012 and submit that for the competition.

And submit I did.

I sent my entry in on Thursday last week – which consisted of the first two Chapters of the novel which I had given a spring clean since they were first written back in the dark first few days of January. A snippet of Miss Pooshoe has been unleashed to the world and I await to see how far she gets.

The prize is an advance of £25,000 to have your novel published – woohoo! That would come in handy (especially towards the house that will make me a domestic goddess 😉 )

However we have to wait until the end of May to find out… until then, I retreat back to my sofa/garden chair (delete as per appropriate weather) and books.

Love Missuswolf xxx



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