Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen


This morning all tucked up in bed, I finished reading the last 2% (weird, I know, getting used to percentages instead of pages) on My Beloved Kindle.

I must admit that, before I embarked on reading this classic, I was a bit apprehensive and that I would really struggle and therefore had it in the back of my mind that this book would be challenging. In a way, it was probably a bit of my own prejudice toward’s Austen’s similarly titled book. Perhaps due to the era in which it was written I was a bit frightened that I would struggle with the flow of the language.

However, 2012 is the year to open my mind and experience different genre and styles of literature.

It was not long before I discovered why it is popular among modern readers and that it continues to near the top of lists of ‘most loved books’. 

The book was probably a bit harder to read than one’s that I have read recently due to the style of language that is used. However, I still felt that I read through it at quite a fast pace to what I at first presumed I would.

I love how you watch the character’s develop and how the society and upbringing molds them to who they become.

Based around the five Bennet sisters; Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, the story opens with a Mr Bingley (a wealthy young man) entering the neighbourhood, who takes a shine to Jane. He is in company with a Mr Darcy who Elizabeth perceives to be proud and conceited.

Mrs Bennet’s  main hope is to see all five daughters married off and she carries this theme throughout the book, although her opinions of the men suitors she meets is not consistent and she is probably the most frivolous of the women, changing her thought dramatically to suit the surroundings. Her behaviour and favouritism to her youngest, Lydia, I think contributes to what becomes of Lydia.

I will not give too much more away but I did not find this book as much of a chore as I first thought, in fact not at all.

I think it is a very important piece of literature which everyone should read at some point.

What intrigued me the most was how the morals in courtship and society in this book are so different to the morals in society of today’s world; the stresses on not living together before marriage and how this brings shame on the family.

What a different world we now live in. In the book there is more emphasis on marrying for money and stability and who you’re family deem suitable. We still have a slight sense of that nowadays, however we have more freedom for who we choose,  and are more likely to live with them before getting married.

 An enjoyable, yet educational read. The romance theme carried throughout the book and the emotions and uncertainty brought with it is still modern, it is just written in a different century with different morals and perception from society.

I now want to see the film and the TV series.

Love Missuswolf xxx



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