The Brightest Star in The Sky – Marian Keyes



I got this book for Christmas from the hubby after I wrote it on my ‘Christmas Ideas’ list for him whilst, unbeknown to me, he had ideas to get me a Kindle. I still got this book alongside the Kindle and decided this would be my ‘bedside’ read; whilst the Kindle would be my ‘Portable’ read.

However, this soon turned into a ‘portable’ read as I couldn’t bear to tear myself away from it. During a quiet late (well half night shift) at work I managed to finish this.

Wow, is really how I would sum this book up.

Extremely thought-provoking and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, i genuinely got goosebumps on reading the last page.

It focuses on the lives of people who live in a Georgian house in Dublin that is converted into flats. There is a mysterious force present throughout the book which is a page turner in itself as I was dying  to know what that was.

The characters are so well written and so distinct; such as I could visualise and actually feel the strength of stroppy Lydia’s character.

It is so cleverly written, with the chapters being a countdown to an unknown event (pageturner reason 2) that I was again desperate to find out  what it was.

The chapters are fast paced and flick between the lives of all these people, at times intertwining them, which makes for interesting reading as you are never left bored – it carries the story at such a good pace and Marian Keyes cleverly drops subtle hints here and there that I reflected back on once  had finished.

I was desperate to know what happened to the characters, why they behaved they did, what had got them to this stage of their lives (pageturner reason 3).

It answers all questions that I had built up along the way and, as described by many a critic and I am certainly in agreement, ‘hilarious yet heartbreaking’. Touching on sensitive issues with care and respect, yet using words to make it a tangle of light-heartedness, positiveness and humour. Always look on the bright side of life.

An amazing book to read, such a fantastic idea and angle to write from. It was the best hand-held book to kick-start the year off with a theme that was so fitting (don’t want to elaborate as I will give too much away).

Having read her previous books, all of which I have throughly enjoyed and loved, this alongside ‘Anybody Out There’ (which made me SOB!) are my favourites.

Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors, I love her humoured, chatty, fast paced style and she never fails to disappoint and manages to make me laugh and cry with her magical dance 0f words.

A must read.

Love Missuswolf xxx



  1. Marian Keyes books are always the best beach books. They’re SO easy to read. Thanks for giving me another one for my list in the summer. : )


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