Mike Wells: Lust, Money and Murder – Book 1 – Lust.


On a cold Bank Holiday marking a New Years Day that had fallen on a weekend, after a lovely meal and few drinks at the pub with friends, the hubby and I sauntered back to out little flat and got cosy.  The mister put a James Bond movie on and I thought I would have a play with my new toy from Santy….My Kindle!

After following the author, Mike Wells, on Twitter, he offered a free download of this e-book.

So, I thought I would get in myPJs, have a nice glass of vino and get accustomed to reading books on my Kindle.

I got nice and settled and hadn’t realised how quick the time had gone by. I managed to read all of Book one in those few hours, I was unable to put it down. It was extremely interesting to follow the story of Elaine Brogan as she grows up and works hard to achieve her goal. The fast pace of the book kept me hooked and when I read the last page I was gutted that it was the last page – it definitely leaves you wanting more and eager to buy the next book (very good marketing ploy – I love the style).

Thanks again Mike Wells for the free download and being the first book I read on my Kindle!  I look forward to reading more of your books.

Love Missuswolf xx


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