A Vogel – A Bedtime Story….. Competition Update: Good Deed Gone Bad


Afternoon All!

I awoke from my fitful sleep this afternoon after a busy night shift to find a letter from Mr Postman that was addressed from A.Vogel.

Curiously, I racked my brains and whilst slicing it open, it occurred to me that I had entered a short story competition back in October for their ‘Bedtime Story’ comp.

Unfortunately, I did not win but never mind; I gained lots of pleasure in writing the story and it now means I can publish it on here for your goodselves.

So, grab a cuppa and get cosy on the settee on this lovely bright Saturday afternoon….

Good Deed Gone Bad

Katy spun on her heels, failing to keep her balance, allowing the mosh pit mud to jump up and smack her in the face.

“Ow!” she grunted lying face down, “That wasn’t meant to happen.”

There was a splutter of laughter from her three fellow festival goers as one stooped down and scooped her up in his arms, “Are you ok little lady?” said Brandon.

Katy nodded dazedly, rubbing her forehead, smearing the mud into her hairline, “I think I’ve just bruised my ego,” she mumbled, thankful that the couple of bottles of beers now pulsing through her veins had softened the fall.

“Sit here,” said Tess, pulling up a discarded empty beer keg beside them.

Katy willingly obeyed and flopped onto the keg.

It was late August and she had taken a trip to the Starlight Music festival, an event designed for new bands to exert their talent and local bands, who had made it big,  to bask in fame and return as headline acts. Katy had agreed to accompany her best friend Tess and her handsome brother, Brandon, to support their cousin’s band ‘The Time Machine’ that had secured a slot this year. The Festival was a two day event and they had decided to camp over.

The other addition was Paris; Brandon’s hideously beautiful yet annoying American girlfriend, who, despite the swamp pit, looked effortlessly glamorous, managing to pull off the mud smeared image so fashionably. She was at the same University as Brandon, where he had been only too eager to volunteer his services as her British Tour Guide.

The bass from the centre stage boomed across the field, signalling the start of the next band.

Paris grabbed Brandon’s arm and squealed, “This is them! This is The Time Machine, I recognise this song! Come on let’s get closer!!” she started pulling Brandon in the direction of the music. All around them, people started congregating towards the stage.

Brandon looked at Tess, who urged him to go on, “We will catch you guys up,” she said.

Katy stood up, “It’s alright Tess, I’m fine,” she linked arms with her “Let’s go down with them, after all, this is the main reason we came.”

The foursome trudged along, issued with another bottle of beer by Brandon from his rucksack. The music grew louder, the crowd grew deeper and the atmosphere was in full swing. People were dancing, singing and sliding all over in the mud bath.

“They are really good!” Katy enthused as she took a swig of her beer. They weren’t as close to the stage as they would have liked but they still had a pretty good view. Katy could see Marvin, the lead singer and also Tess’s cousin, standing centre stage, one hand wrapped around the microphone, the other hand waving in the air at the crowd.

She grabbed Tess’s free hand and they jumped up and down to the beat. Paris had draped herself around Brandon, preventing him from throwing any serious dance shapes, having to succumb to an apologetic side to side movement instead.

The faster pace on the drums and the increase in the guitar strumming signalled the climax of the song.

The crowd cheered in appreciation, Tess and Katy screamed, Brandon clapped his hands and Paris let out a huge wolf whistle.

“They were excellent!” exclaimed Katy, balancing her bottle of beer whilst fumbling in her bag.

“Not bad for their opening song,” Brandon nodded, “Don’t like his outfit though, it’s a bit on the feminine side.

Brandon was referring to Martin’s pink shirt that was tickled by a black and white checked dickey bow tie and framed with nerdy black thick rimmed glasses. Although not an outfit of choice, Katy pointed out continuing to fumble in her bag, it suited the image of the band; a quirky modern day Fifties Geek Chic.

“What are you looking for in that Mary Poppins bag of yours?” Paris said, eventually irritated by Katy’s continuous scrapping.

“I can’t find my phone, I know it’s in here somewhere, I put it in before we left the tent. This bag is just so god damn big it takes me forever to find anything.”

“Here, let me look inside for you,” Tess offered, taking the bag from Katy’s shoulder.

Whilst the Time Machine started up their second song, Tess started taking things out of Katy’s bag one by one, until she could no longer hold anything else, “Paris, just have a look at what’s left in there for me.”

Paris peered in the bag then rummaged around with her hand. No phone to be found.

A disheartening thought struck Katy, “Oh no! Maybe it fell out when I went splat on my face before!”

“I think it probably did, we have had this bag inside out and it is not there,” Tess reasoned, “Do you want me to go back and look for it?”

Katy shook her head, “It’s probably long gone now, and no doubt someone will have picked it up and played the finders’ keeper’s game with it.”

They agreed to listen to the rest of the Time Machine’s set list before retracing their steps back to their tent, half in hope of discovering the phone.

As they edged nearer to the beer keg that Katy had sat on, she noticed something glittering in the mud. It was the sparkles on the back of her pink phone case!

“I don’t believe it!” she gasped, running over to pick it up. She rubbed the screen clean against her hoody, “Look, as good as new!”

The others smiled in relief and they continued back to their tent.

Once there, Brandon lit a fire whilst Tess retrieved some more beers from a cool box. Katy and Paris set up the camp chairs and they all cozied themselves around the fire.

“Let’s have a look at what pictures you have taken so far Katy,” Paris purred, holding out her long tanned arm.

Katy begrudgingly passed Paris the phone. She wasn’t bothered about her looking at the Festival photos; she just didn’t want her trawling through the rest of her life that was encased within the phone and spouting out any unnecessary opinions.

“Wow, you have some good photo’s, ughl but I don’t like this one,” she held it out for all to see, “I look so fat!”

Tess and Katy rolled their eyes as Brandon put his arm around Paris and cooed, “You could never look fat sweetie.” It made Katy sick the gooey baby that Paris turned Brandon into.

She continued flicking until she said, “Oh I didn’t know you had taken any videos.”

Katy paused from sipping her beer, “I didn’t think I had. Maybe I recorded by accident when it was in my pocket”

“Well there is one here, let me just see what it is….” Her voice trailed off as she watched intently the images that came on the screen, her blue eyes getting wider in horror, the sounds coming from the phone echoing of fumbling and scuffling.

“What is it honey-pie,” Brandon asked, noticing the change of expression on his beaus face.

Paris remained still and silent, her mouth dropped until she finally threw the phone on the floor, just missing the fire and let out a blood curdling scream.

The others looked aghast, Katy picked her phone up as Tess screeched demanding to know what was on it and Brandon fussed over Paris.

               Katy pressed replay.

“What the hell…”

The phone must have landed on its side when it fell out of Katy’s pocket during her stumble and somehow knocked the record button into action. She could clearly see the beer keg on which she had sat on in full view, the distant murmur of the crowd humming in the background.

Then an image appeared, beyond the beer keg, wedged in between a couple of family sized tents pitched perfectly nearby. Katy could see a young teenage girl bent over, sorting out her wellington boots. There was a hooded figure slowly creeping up behind her. At first he looked like he was just going over to speak to her; however he suddenly raised his hand, in which something glistened brightly in the sunlight. Without warning, it came crashing down on the girls back. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ – projecting a silent violent scream before her back arched in pain, collapsing in a heap. The man then calmly picked her up and carried her off amongst the tents.

Katy too let out a scream, hers full of volume, unlike the poor victims. Brandon and Tess looked at her in shock.

“Oh my god, we have to tell the police! Someone has been stabbed and they may be seriously injured, or dead!”

Tess stood up and snatched the phone from her, “Let me see….” She too had the horrific expression creep across her face as it played. Brandon stood over her shoulder to get a glimpse.

Katy started pacing up and down, “How come it recorded for that short space of time, why didn’t it keep recording, we could have seen more…”

“I have the same phone, it’s easy to accidentally press record, see how the button is on its side? However, it’s on a timer and after thirty seconds it stops itself, unless you press another button to keep it going,” Brandon said.

Paris was mute; she had curled herself up into a ball, rocking back and forth with tears streaming down her face.

“Surely someone must have seen this – if not the attack, then the killer carrying the girl through the tents? Won’t they have thought it odd? Plus she would have been bleeding everywhere.”

“I don’t suppose anyone would think it odd her being carried by a male,” Brandon said, “I picked up Katy when she fell, girls are falling over all the time either too drunk or slipping in the mud. No-one would have battered an eyelid at that.”

“But the blood” Katy whispered.

“I know this is a sick thing to think but maybe it’s a joke, that they are in a group of friends and it was a prank,” Tess suggested, ever the optimist.

Katy shook her head, “That is sick! We need to find the police and show them. We need to check around those tents to see if we can see anything as to where they might have gone!”

“Don’t you think that’s the Police’s job?” Tess responded

“I do, but I want to check. How can something like that happen and it goes unnoticed?”

Paris still hadn’t said anything.

“Let’s go and find the Police,” Brandon said calmly, taking control. They all started following his lead, Paris slowly getting up from her seat, her hand in her mouth trembling. Brandon placed his arm around her and they went in search of a security tent.

They came across one nearby which was staffed by a steward in a high visibility jacket, speaking hushed into his radio. Brandon walked over to him, “Excuse me,” he said politely, “We need to speak to a Police Officer.”

The steward looked around irritant, “I will be with you in a moment.”

Katy looked around at the tent; understaffed and disinterested sprang to mind. There was a Police Officer base, but that was empty. The steward took his time with his conversation. Katy felt her impatience rising uncontrollably, “I’m going to look myself,” she announced.

Tess grabbed her arm, “You can’t! Where are you going to go?”

“The tents where it happened, I want to see for myself the scene, see where the trail of blood is. Follow that. There has to be a trail”

Paris was quietly sobbing into Brandon’s sleeve, whilst he tapped his foot before finally losing his patience, “This is an emergency, someone may have been murdered”

The words hung in the air, like sharp icicles ready to drop at any minute.

The security guard eventually turned to them, a look of bewilderment spreading across his face.

“Now you listen!” Brandon said exasperated, shoving the phone in his face, “Watch this. Someone on this site has been stabbed and we need to help them.”

The steward took the phone and watched the video. He then turned to his radio and spoke calmly, but sternly, requesting a Police Officer returned to his tent immediately.

To give them their dues, the Police were much quicker than anticipated, a tall Police Officer appeared as if he had been just outside. He introduced himself as PC Davies.

Before the steward could explain, Katy jumped in, her words tumbling out uncontrollably, her voice wavering as she explained how she lost and found her phone, jumping in with unnecessary comments about the band they watched and her falling over. She went to grab the phone from the steward who beat her to it and handed it to PC Davies.

He watched with a vacant expression, his face a blank canvas, not wanting to give anything away.

“I will radio control to see if we have received any other reports and get an incident created. I need to alert my Sergeant so that we can search the site for the victim and get the scene cordoned off.”

From then the world went into a fast spinning washing machine cycle. Other police officers turned up at the tent, interviewing the four of them, obtaining their own statements. Katy gave hers first with it being her phone whilst Brandon took them to the scene. Katy had wanted to go but Brandon had refused, saying they needed to speak to her first, his desperate attempt at getting her to stay away from the scene.

Tess and Paris stayed in the tent, watched over by one of the Police Officers who ensured they had a steady supply of cups of tea, subtly watching their mental health.

Brandon trudged through the mud with PC Davies, showing him exactly where the phone had been found and which way it was pointing. PC Davies then started clearing the area of people, taping it up as a crime scene. By now, forensics had arrived and a couple of Detectives from the Major Investigation Team. Brandon had not been allowed to go near the scene and was unable to confirm if there was any blood, as Katy had asked him to. A crowd had started gathering, shouting their speculated curiosities.

Brandon watched over helplessly, before being escorted back to the security tent for interviews.

Once all four of them had been spoken to, PC Davies gave them a brief update.

“We have checked with control, we haven’t received any reports from any knife wound victims or anything similar. We also haven’t received any reports from potential witnesses, through default, you are the only witnesses. We are speaking to the occupants of the tents beside where it occurred and they appear to not know anything at this stage, not even the girl. Why don’t you all go back to your tents for the night and get some sleep, we will speak to you in the morning?”

The four of them trooped back to the tent back in silence, in fear of speaking the unknown.

Brandon lit another fire; Paris feigned a headache and scuttled off to bed. Tess agreed to have one drink with him and Katy before going to bed.

The one drink turned into the threesome sitting by the fire until late.

Katy felt lost without her phone, which had been taken away as evidence. She feared that they may try and wrongfully incriminate her and that was another reason for her being unable to sleep.

“My only hope is that they find the girl and she is alright. I can’t believe no-one else has seen anything and that no-one has been reported missing, injured or either,” Tess said quietly.

“PC Davies said they had checked the hospitals as well and no-one had been admitted with knife wounds,” Brandon offered.

A heavy silence hung thickly in the air, before Tess let out a yawn, “I’m calling it a night.”

Katy and Brandon sat for a little while longer, Katy staying more out of comfort, she felt safe with him. She really wanted to stay in his part of the tent tonight even though it was highly inappropriate. He caught her sullen expression and rubbed her arm, “It’s ok now Katy, it’s in the hands of the police.”

She wished she shared his positivity. She forced a smile, “Thanks Brandon, I think I will try and get some sleep.”

Once tucked up in her sleeping bag, with Tess curled up in the same part of the tent, Katy lay awake, her mind replaying the day’s events. She was about to close her eyes when she saw a flicker of a shadow against her side of the tent. She sat up with a start; alert, adrenaline pumping, her heart jumping into her mouth. She wanted to scream for Brandon, but her voice had been swallowed to an ocean depth so low that even summoning enough submarine power could still not raise it. The figure seemed to be getting bigger, getting closer to the tent.

Katy tried to move, but a paralysing liquid circulated her system.

Then she saw it.

It was a flash of a blade that inched its way along the cloth of the tent, piercing the fabric like it was piercing skin.

The warm summer air bled into the tent, panic bandaging Katy as the same hooded figure from her mobile stabbed its way into her tent.

The killer had returned to retrieve the incriminating evidence.

But it was too late.

Once the killer realised the mobile phone was no longer in her possession, she would be a mirror image of the scrupulously recorded video.

Katy bitterly accepted her fate as she recognised the familiar glisten in his hand.  

Somewhere, the words ‘Payback’ were whispered, as the hooded figure cold bloodedly sought his revenge.


Novel Project 2012 Update – Milestone Reached


Yesterday, I hit another milestone with my Novel Project 2012….

I am officially half way through after reaching 40,064 words in 23 Chapters.

It is by no means a memoir but the character, Maggie,  (that’s all I am drip feeding you this time – at least you now have a name) has been a great source for channelling all my frustrated energy into about how I felt about losing a job I absoloutley loved, dusted of course with some amusing little things that I have said or done over the years.

To those of you who know me I am about to write about a minor carrot and microwave incident…..

Love Missuswolf xxx

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen


This morning all tucked up in bed, I finished reading the last 2% (weird, I know, getting used to percentages instead of pages) on My Beloved Kindle.

I must admit that, before I embarked on reading this classic, I was a bit apprehensive and that I would really struggle and therefore had it in the back of my mind that this book would be challenging. In a way, it was probably a bit of my own prejudice toward’s Austen’s similarly titled book. Perhaps due to the era in which it was written I was a bit frightened that I would struggle with the flow of the language.

However, 2012 is the year to open my mind and experience different genre and styles of literature.

It was not long before I discovered why it is popular among modern readers and that it continues to near the top of lists of ‘most loved books’. 

The book was probably a bit harder to read than one’s that I have read recently due to the style of language that is used. However, I still felt that I read through it at quite a fast pace to what I at first presumed I would.

I love how you watch the character’s develop and how the society and upbringing molds them to who they become.

Based around the five Bennet sisters; Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, the story opens with a Mr Bingley (a wealthy young man) entering the neighbourhood, who takes a shine to Jane. He is in company with a Mr Darcy who Elizabeth perceives to be proud and conceited.

Mrs Bennet’s  main hope is to see all five daughters married off and she carries this theme throughout the book, although her opinions of the men suitors she meets is not consistent and she is probably the most frivolous of the women, changing her thought dramatically to suit the surroundings. Her behaviour and favouritism to her youngest, Lydia, I think contributes to what becomes of Lydia.

I will not give too much more away but I did not find this book as much of a chore as I first thought, in fact not at all.

I think it is a very important piece of literature which everyone should read at some point.

What intrigued me the most was how the morals in courtship and society in this book are so different to the morals in society of today’s world; the stresses on not living together before marriage and how this brings shame on the family.

What a different world we now live in. In the book there is more emphasis on marrying for money and stability and who you’re family deem suitable. We still have a slight sense of that nowadays, however we have more freedom for who we choose,  and are more likely to live with them before getting married.

 An enjoyable, yet educational read. The romance theme carried throughout the book and the emotions and uncertainty brought with it is still modern, it is just written in a different century with different morals and perception from society.

I now want to see the film and the TV series.

Love Missuswolf xxx



Afternoon All!

I wanted to share with you my discovery of Listmania! on Amazon; a concept that allows you to search up to 25 books, copy and paste their ISBN/ASIN into a list and give each book a reference that is personal to you ie ‘Classic Book’ or ‘recommended by book club’ etc.

You also give your Listmania! a name; mine I have entitled ‘Books to Read’ as quite frankly, it is a list of books that I want to read.

I composed my Listmania! during a quiet spell on night shift and it is my list to work through to download to my Beloved Kindle.

I received some money for my birthday to put towards Kindle downloads and I have started (slowly but surely) building up my collection.

Please click here to view my Listmania!

I have started by downloading the first Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer, which i intend to read once I have finished reading one of the Classics, ‘Pride and Prejudice.

Also, you will see from the picture that I have decided to dress My Beloved Kindle in a lovely Kindle Cover courtesy of lilmo30 on ebay. Check their products out here.

My intention is to work through this List this year – as you can see, there certainly is a variety on there; Stephen King, Rosamund Lupton, Patricia  to name but a few.

Love Missuswolf xxx

A Class Act


Afternoon All!

Another of my New Years Resolutions was to expand my literature knowledge  and try to broaden the content in what types of writing styles that I read.

This has been made more accessible by My Beloved Kindle.

Thanks to the fabulous Kindle Store on Amazon, they have two Top 100 Lists; Top 100 Paid and Top 100 Free.

Not one for missing out on a freebie, I have set straight to work downloading some Classics that are now available as part of the Top 100 Free.

Amongst the Classics available is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Having never seen any of the TV Series or the film, I wanted to experience this book and get a feel of the writing style. It is all part of my journey to  become a writer.

Although it is not what I class as an ‘easy read’ where I can easily slip away into a world of escapism. 

It takes me a bit longer to get into this story, especially when I try to read on a night-shift. I find it hard as I have to somewhat concentrate more to read this than other books due to the different narrative and conversant language that is applied. But that’s the beauty of it being a classic; experiencing the writing of someone from the 1800s and how writing styles have progressed since.

Other Classics that I have downloaded for free that I intend to read this year are:

*Little Women

*Black Beauty

*Treasure Island

*The Importance of Being Ernest

*Wuthering Heights

*Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I am hoping it will aid my intellect and make me super brainy (well – one can dream!)

Love Missuswolf xxx


Novel Project 2012


Evening All!

To mark the joyous occasion of me hitting a landmark with my writing, I thought I would treat you to an insight into my Novel Project 2012.

Since I started writing the first draft of my new novel on January 1st, yesterday i hit the 30,000 word mark.

As yet it is untitled – well, it will be to the public eye. Hey, a lady has to keep some mystery! 

Well actually,I tell a fib – I do have a name in mind but it is quite specifically themed and I am yet to see if I am happy with the outcome of the novel before I commit to it.

Therefore, when I blog about it, it will be referred to as Novel Project 2012 (boring I know, as I wannabe writer I should really have more imagination, however my brain is fried from putting my all into the actual writing of it.)

The main story is that it is based on a girl who loses a job she loves and the emotions she goes through. To bring some humour on the subject, the book is sprinkled with little funny stories – stupid sayings and ridiculous things that I have done over the years. I am hoping that any friends who read it will relate and remember them and it will bring a smile to their face.

Although the book is by no way autobiographical, it is loosely based on what I experienced last year when I nearly lost my job and it has been something that  I can pour the frustration that I felt at the time into. A therapist would be pleased – my attempt at turning a negative into a positive!

It is based on the year of 2011 and, alongside the main character, she has three close friends – a male and two females, who follow her on her journey and experience the tears and the laughter along the way.

I think this is why the words have flowed so easily as I am able to pour my own experience’s into it and coat it with some humour of my dippy life and things that actually do happen to me.  

It is more something I feel I have to write despite the fact I had plans to continue with a more serious book that i started writing in December 2010 (more on that to come…one day in the future. I feel this book will take many years to write.)

The urge to actually write this novel was too strong and I feel that it is something that I have to do. Maybe it is to put some sort of closure on last year’s rollercoaster ride.

I will keep you posted.

Love Missuswolf xxx

The Brightest Star in The Sky – Marian Keyes



I got this book for Christmas from the hubby after I wrote it on my ‘Christmas Ideas’ list for him whilst, unbeknown to me, he had ideas to get me a Kindle. I still got this book alongside the Kindle and decided this would be my ‘bedside’ read; whilst the Kindle would be my ‘Portable’ read.

However, this soon turned into a ‘portable’ read as I couldn’t bear to tear myself away from it. During a quiet late (well half night shift) at work I managed to finish this.

Wow, is really how I would sum this book up.

Extremely thought-provoking and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, i genuinely got goosebumps on reading the last page.

It focuses on the lives of people who live in a Georgian house in Dublin that is converted into flats. There is a mysterious force present throughout the book which is a page turner in itself as I was dying  to know what that was.

The characters are so well written and so distinct; such as I could visualise and actually feel the strength of stroppy Lydia’s character.

It is so cleverly written, with the chapters being a countdown to an unknown event (pageturner reason 2) that I was again desperate to find out  what it was.

The chapters are fast paced and flick between the lives of all these people, at times intertwining them, which makes for interesting reading as you are never left bored – it carries the story at such a good pace and Marian Keyes cleverly drops subtle hints here and there that I reflected back on once  had finished.

I was desperate to know what happened to the characters, why they behaved they did, what had got them to this stage of their lives (pageturner reason 3).

It answers all questions that I had built up along the way and, as described by many a critic and I am certainly in agreement, ‘hilarious yet heartbreaking’. Touching on sensitive issues with care and respect, yet using words to make it a tangle of light-heartedness, positiveness and humour. Always look on the bright side of life.

An amazing book to read, such a fantastic idea and angle to write from. It was the best hand-held book to kick-start the year off with a theme that was so fitting (don’t want to elaborate as I will give too much away).

Having read her previous books, all of which I have throughly enjoyed and loved, this alongside ‘Anybody Out There’ (which made me SOB!) are my favourites.

Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors, I love her humoured, chatty, fast paced style and she never fails to disappoint and manages to make me laugh and cry with her magical dance 0f words.

A must read.

Love Missuswolf xxx

Wild Child – Book 1 – Mike Wells



Evening All!

After following Mike Wells on Twitter and seeing a link to an article on his blog regarding the story behind his début teen book ‘Wild Child’ I thought I would have a peek at what journey this book took on.

I always think the tale behind a story is interesting so, intrigued, I clicked on the link and discovered why it was also nick-named ‘The Book That Wouldn’t Die.’

It’s a marvellous moral to a story of never giving up and to believe in your work how it is, not how other people want it to be or how it should be changed to fit publishing criteria. It is a nod to the self-publishing world and an inspiration to people, like myself, who love writing and that you can share it with the world, in the format that you want.

This is a very good book, I love how when I started reading it I had no idea it would go in the direction it did so it was a nice surprise. I don’t want to give too much away to anyone who hasn’t read it but it was a nice little magical adventure with an intriguing ending to Book 1. I look forward to reading Book 2 – Lilith as I have no idea what to expect. I love surprises!

Love Missuwolf xxx

Best! Competition. And the winner is…..not me



Afternoon All! (Yes the photo is a bit misleading as it was taken last Autumn in the garden not in this Hurricane January weather. I am lazy and have recycled the same photo.)

I forgot to update you all on the winner of Best! Competition.

Well, to be honest I’m not sure who it was, I know it wasn’t me. I have been meaning to update you all on this, I was browsing the magazine shelves with my mum during the Christmas Hols and she came across Best! Magazine. She picked it up and we noticed that it had ‘Winner’ sprawled across the front.

Then it dawned on me I had indeed entered and had indeed lost.

Never mind, it means I can now share my entry with you lovelies. A bit of a cheese fest but can you guess which advert inspired it (yes I got the inspiration from an ad on the box.)

Here you go…

Breaking The Rules


Betsy spritzed herself with another layer of perfume, ensuring to catch the backs of her knees. This was part of her seduction plan, hoping the musky scent would mesmerise her date when she crossed her legs subtly towards him as she perched on her bar stool.

Her stomach fluttered at this thought and she smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

Not bad, she thought as she sat at her dressing table and added another coat of coral lipstick, a colour that was not only subtle and sexy, but complemented her skin more than her usual fierce red.

It had been a while since their last date and, as Betsy was out of practice, she felt like this was the first time.

She allowed her mind to wonder, to draw up a picture of Flynn, in his fitted designer suit with his distinguished salt and pepper hair. It was true what they said; men did get better with age, Flynn was living proof of this.

Despite their enjoyment and agreeing to do it more often, something niggled at her. Why had he taken so long to arrange to meet this time?

She tossed this thought aside as she ran the brush through her coiffed brunette hair just one last time before crossing the room towards the full length mirror.

The reflection that beamed back at her had a glow; a lovers glow. It had been a long while since she felt like this and she almost regressed to a giggling teenager about to embark on their first date.

The outfit choice had been a challenge. On her last few dates, she had stuck to her safe little black dress. Tonight, she wanted to be adventurous and had envisaged herself in her siren red number. However, after parading in front of the mirror for ten minutes, she strongly decided against it and was quickly wrapped in the safety of the arms of the black dress.

Besides, she didn’t want to frighten Flynn off. Her aim was to be sophisticatedly sexy.

Her mind cast back to their first date, how they had arranged to meet in the cocktail bar just off the high street. Oh how her legs had wobbled with nerves despite the glass of courage chardonnay she had drank whilst getting ready.

In her early forties, Betsy had started to feel invisible; heads would no longer turn to look at her, sinking her into life’s background.

Not that night. Following a trip to the hairdressers, her locks had been well and truly nourished; chopped, coloured and then blow dried adding instant shine and glamour. She had plucked up the courage to have her eyebrows threaded, which seemed to have worked wonders on the shape of her face, providing a sexy arch for her eyes to nestle under.

Betsy had allowed herself to have a free make-up consultation in one of the high street department stores, where she learnt all over again what foundation suited her, mastered the art of the eyebrow pencil and liquid eyeliner and discovered that coral was definitely more her lip colour than red.

The make-up modernise was the long overdue confidence booster that she needed.

A beep of the taxi horn broke her from her thoughts. She took one last sip of her wine, for luck she thought, and headed for the door.

“Lottie’s bar please, Tupperman Street please,” Betsy said as she slipped elegantly into the back seat of the taxi.

Lottie’s was the cocktail bar they had shared their first date in, drinking in each other’s conversation, lost in their own effervescence. An experience she desperately wanted to rekindle, fighting the fear that one day she may lose it.

The journey wasn’t far and within ten minutes, she had paid and was sliding her way through the bar, her heart pounding, hoping he was there.

Her eyes casually scanned the bar, her breath catching in her chest.

There he was.

Flynn had turned up, and in his suit as well. She felt her knees wobble slightly and she grabbed onto a nearby table to steady herself. Control yourself, she chided, you want him to believe you are a sexy, confident, sophisticated business woman. You are independent and in control, she repeated to herself.

Fortunately he hadn’t seen her yet, giving Betsy enough time to recover before strolling over to him.

He too was in his early forties. Perfect. His face exerted handsome laughter lines around his wise sparkly blue eyes, which unleashed a dazzling dance when he laughed.

Betsy realised that there was another set of eyes, a fascinating chocolate-brown set, staring at her from the bar. These belonged to a much younger man with jet black hair, whose gaze followed her and, when she caught those eyes, he nodded approvingly. She felt herself blushing, barely believing this male was looking at her, Betsy Jones, the frumpy forty-year old. However, it had slipped her mind that her recent Combat classes had provided her with a much more toned frame.

Flynn turned around from his seat at the bar and, on seeing her, stood up. He leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek; oh he smelt so good Betsy thought as she inhaled him.

“Good Evening,” he said in his sexy Scottish accent. “I took the liberty of ordering you a cosmopolitan. I believe it’s your favourite”

Betsy was touched that he remembered and thanked him for her drink.

As she settled onto her bar seat, she unfolded her legs, one over the other as planned and raised her glass.

Flynn was sat opposite her; his widespread grin embracing her, allowing her to relax into his company. He raised his glass, “You look beautiful,” then whispering, slipping out of character, “I am glad you agreed to do this”

Betsy raised her glass in agreement, knowingly breaking the rules to talk about; she replied “So am I.”

This stranger dating role play idea of her husbands had certainly rekindled their marriage

Love Missuswolf xxx

Mike Wells: Lust, Money and Murder – Book 1 – Lust.


On a cold Bank Holiday marking a New Years Day that had fallen on a weekend, after a lovely meal and few drinks at the pub with friends, the hubby and I sauntered back to out little flat and got cosy.  The mister put a James Bond movie on and I thought I would have a play with my new toy from Santy….My Kindle!

After following the author, Mike Wells, on Twitter, he offered a free download of this e-book.

So, I thought I would get in myPJs, have a nice glass of vino and get accustomed to reading books on my Kindle.

I got nice and settled and hadn’t realised how quick the time had gone by. I managed to read all of Book one in those few hours, I was unable to put it down. It was extremely interesting to follow the story of Elaine Brogan as she grows up and works hard to achieve her goal. The fast pace of the book kept me hooked and when I read the last page I was gutted that it was the last page – it definitely leaves you wanting more and eager to buy the next book (very good marketing ploy – I love the style).

Thanks again Mike Wells for the free download and being the first book I read on my Kindle!  I look forward to reading more of your books.

Love Missuswolf xx

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