Stieg Larsson – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


On a depressing Early day shift I opened my brand new book (courtesy of the mister who brought it me for our fourth wedding anniversary – coincidentally he didn’t realise that for four years of marriage it is ‘book’ – how fitting!!)

Unfortunately, I only got the chance to read the Prologue …..but what a Prologue that was! It certainly pulled me in straight away and I am overwhelmed at the cleverness of the writing. The author straight away had me hooked, my hunger for what it all meant had me ploughing straight into the book and that was one of the sub plots that I felt cleverly reels a reader in. Already I was wanting to read more, which is a sign of a good author. 

I can happily sau that the story eventually answered all the questions I had about this prologue, in an extremely satisfying way.

SOMETIME DURING A LOVELY HOLIDAY IN FLORIDA NOVEMBER 5TH TO 19TH 2011 (exact dates of what I read and when unknown)

At first, I felt that Chapter One was a bit slow, however I had been advised of this by numerous persons who had read this and to persevere with it, which I did.

I felt that it really got going on Page 32 with the introduction of Lisbeth Salender, a description and perception we initially receive through the eyes of her boss. That’s what I love about this story; we see what other people think of her, an expression of people’s first impressions which continue throughout the book; however we are drip fed information as to why her character behanves that way and we eventually get to really know her. She becomes a character you not only empathise with, but admire for intellect and strength. I genuinely felt that I went on a journey with Salender in this book.

I love the whole mystery recipe mixed into the book surrounding the Vanger family, which eventually makes Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salender paths cross and, although you know it is inevitably going to happen, it occurs at precisely the right time and fits into the story perfectly.

Although the leading theme throughout the book is quite raw and centres on men who hate women –  with such graphic and extreme scene descriptions within, they are required as part of the story in order to make the reader understand why certain characters behave the way they do. This running theme is extremely relevant throughout the context of the book and is a vital ingredient to the storys success

I read this on my recent holiday in Florida; a sneaky glimpse by the pool with a coffee in the glorious morning sunshine, in the car en route to the amazing Theme Parks, a couple of pages when I woke up and finally attempting to read whilst doing the nodding dog routine of exhaustion before bed.

Overall, it is one of the best books I have ever read! I just wanted to keep on reading and the Vanger mystery really had me hanging on and although this appears to be a main story, there is also the underlying story regarding Wennerstrom, which seems to fade into the background then reappear at the appropriate time towards the close of the story.

A very VERY satisfying read, with an interesting yet cleverly well written chosen topic. This has  really opened my eyes not only as a reader, but as a person who loves and appreciates writing.

Love Missuswolf xx

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