Well Littlewolves, the day we have waited for has arrived….the Return of Geek Club.

Term two kicked off today with a bigger class size than last term, with new classmates, which adds a different and more exciting dynamic to the discussions.

It begins with a bit of form filling; ensuring  we are educated in the usual housekeeping rituals of toilets/fire exits, putting our signatures to this so that in the event we happen to walk into a fire or wet ourselves, the onus is on us.

Once this was complete, we each had to introduce ourselves to the class, advising what we wanted out of the class, what we are currently reading and,if anything, what we are currently writing.

Normally, I hate this scenario. My heart pounds and my hands perspire.

However, this term I seem to have found a bit of inner confidence and, out of character for me, couldn’t wait for my turn to tell all.

I think this new-found confidence is the fact that since Term One ended in July, I have managed to read five books, all by different authors, all completely different categories and, best of all, I have read a Stephen King. As Stephen King was mentioned so heavily last term (and three times in the 45 minutes before my speech) I felt this was a significant development, proving that my attendance at this class had resulted in me changing my reading habits. 

Plus, I would like to write a novel about women’s roles during the war and how their role in society changed when the men want off to war. I visited Eden Camp over the summer on, which had been recommended by a woman at this class, and I fed this back.


The second part of this class linked into our homework.

We looked at four eccentric characters; David Icke -sports commentator/goalkeeper for Hereford United,Susanna Kennedy – countess of Eglintoune,Herbert Spencer – Social Philosopher, John Alington – Farmer.

These are characters from across the Centuries who are eccentric in different ways. We read through some extracts on their behaviour and discussed this as a class, analysing them and working out what underlying triggers could have contributed to their behaviour.


* That an American Website exists called Duotrope’s digest – that accepts submissions of short stories

* To ensure I have a good opening line and paragraph as some readers won’t persist with a novel if the first chapter does not grab them

* That Stephen King’s philosophy is ‘read for four hours, write for four hours a day’.

* That a novel is about 100,000 words


* Rosie Thomas – Sun at Midnight

* Rosie Thomas – White

* Rosamund Lupton – Afterwards

* Ernest Hemingway – The snows of Kilimanjaro and other short stories


My homework, if I choose to accept it, is to create an Eccentric Fictional Character – whom I will write a story about the following week as Part 2 of this homework. Tasks are:

* To make notes about them

* Leave clues about why they have gone this way

* Keep in mind the story I could tell about them

I will keep you posted with what ideas I come up with and my final submission, as well as the feedback I receive once I read it out next week…..eeeek!

Wish me luck Littlewolves

Love Missuswolf xx



  1. julie wilford says:

    You only need to look around you in our family to find some eccemtric charatures happy writing hun xxx

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