9th Judgement

9th Judgement

I am extremely excited to begin reading this book. I have never read a James Patterson before and I have heard so many good reviews about his books. I have just read the blurb for this book and it has got me wanting to dive right in and read it now (but I thought I better share my anticipation with your good selves first!)

I am nicely tucked up in bed ready to snug into this book and let my mind wonder…..
AUGUST 28TH 2011 UPDATE – I am officially a MASSIVE James Patterson fan!
3 days into it, page 175 Chapter 44….and I am LOVING this book!
Particularly the way it is written. I love the short, snappy chapters that drift from the point of view of one of the Detectives to that of the reader exploring different characters lives. The storyline is gripping, I am constantly wanting to read on to find out what happens.
This is a lovely bit of escapism for me to enjoy on my breaks at work. Working long hours doing a mentally exhausting job, I find my way of switching off and winding down is to escape from it all and immerse myself completely in a different life, a different world, a different character whose so different to mine.
And this book is doing the job fantastically!
Well, I actually finished this in the wee small hours of Tues 30th August during a (unusually) quiet nightshift.
Absoloutley fantastic! It had my emotions riding hide toward the end and took me on a rollercoaster ride as to what was happening. Fantastic storyline with intirguing characters. I will definately be reading more!!

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