Wedding Season

Wedding Season

I started reading this book whilst on my jolly hols in Mexico. After reading what was considered a heavy, dark but nevertheless enjoyable book in The Strand by Stephen King, I felt that whilst lying on a beach soaking up some rays I required a bit of lighthearted, easy to read entertainment.

Plus the fact I was away on a group holiday and I’m easily distracted so I didn’t want to read something that required a lot of thought involvement. I don’t want this to sound as if i am discrediting this book as I am not by any means. I am still reading through it as I got a bit more distracted than i thought (by the pool bar – damn you Baileys and Frangelico!)

I felt this book was an appropriate read on the holiday I was on as I was away for one of my best friend’s wedding.

It’s a lighthearted book that revolves around the lives of three women involved in planning weddings and follows their experiences in their personal lives in the build up to a big Wedding. To date I still have a few more pages to go but as the nights start drawing in I am hoping to get cosy on the couch and get through a few more books.



  1. I finished reading this last night, very lighthearted and easy to read. Now onto the next one! I have a James Patterson lined up ….

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