The Stand

Stephen King's 'The Stand'

This is a compelling read!

I have never read Stephen King before, I had only previously watched his films. I picked this book after my fellow classmates at my Creative Writing Class raved about what an excellent writer he is.
Admittedly, I had been naive and had tunnel vision when it came to reading, hence never picking up one of Mr Kings works of art before. My literature intake was limited to light reading of the chick-lit nature. And whilst there is absoloutly nothing wrong with reading these kind of novels (they still hold a firm place in my heart for a good piece of escapism) I am delighted that I decided to deviate from my usual choice.
I started this back in May and it took me a while to read (i wouldn’t consider myself a slow reader but there are a lot of pages and the writing was small – no excuse of course – but a wee justification hehe) I finished reading this on the plane on the way to Mexico.
A must read – a thought provoking what if?….What if the majority of the human race was wiped out within weeks? Throughout this made we want to read on and on to find out what happens and I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are great and display a gripping way of how they cope, adapt and power forward with all that is thrown at them.
I am pleased I have stepped across to the dark side!xx


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