One Day In May


I have gone for another bit of chick-lit this time.

I started reading this on my first break on night shift last night. First impressions?? I love the articulation of the sentances (if that makes sense??) What the characters are doing is described so vividly whilst, at the same time, it manages to give the reader an idea of what the characters of the two females are like within the first few paragraphs, which I believe is a clever little tool.

I am intrigued already….


Now I know this looks like I don’t do anything on night shift but read, which I can assure you is far from the truth. I am very busy in the job that I do and some nights I don’t get a chance to read at all. Therefore, when I can(I will not jinx it by using the Q word as I am there again tonight), I grab snippets of downtime to sit and read.


This book is well written, I love how it starts with the present time, then goes back to tell the story of how the main character got to where she was today. These Chapters have particularly impressed me as they are very topical; politics and the war in Sarajevo. It is cleverly done, topics that I would not necessarily choose to read on are woven cleverly into a Chick Lit story and, although you do pick up on the characters raw emotion that she experiences during these times, it is  done in a wonderfully warm way. Particularly the war part; compellingly written and I felt such compassion for the character.

I then love how it flicks to present day again, tells that story and then slips back into the past to fill in the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that are touched upon in the present story.

I am hooked….


Well, after spending my days off with my nose well and truly stuck in this book; from snug on the sofa with cushions and a wrap whilst this Horrendous Hurricane weather whirls around outside, to the confines of my comfy bed this morning – a nice and perfect place that brought me to the finale of this story.

This book has surprised me in more ways than one; although I keep giving it a ‘Chick Lit’ reference, it wasn’t as quite light a reading as I thought – and I mean this is an extremely positive way. The journey that you follow of the main character, you really do feel every bump and turn along the way – and some events took me by surprise. I will not spoil the book for future readers, but i did not expect the ending, nor the channel that the writer takes you down.

I applaud the author, this book has taught me what makes a good story in numerous ways; the way it is written, the subjects it features and the way it is all woven together to produce a warm, feel good book.

A high recommendation.

Love Missuswolf xx

9th Judgement

9th Judgement

I am extremely excited to begin reading this book. I have never read a James Patterson before and I have heard so many good reviews about his books. I have just read the blurb for this book and it has got me wanting to dive right in and read it now (but I thought I better share my anticipation with your good selves first!)

I am nicely tucked up in bed ready to snug into this book and let my mind wonder…..
AUGUST 28TH 2011 UPDATE – I am officially a MASSIVE James Patterson fan!
3 days into it, page 175 Chapter 44….and I am LOVING this book!
Particularly the way it is written. I love the short, snappy chapters that drift from the point of view of one of the Detectives to that of the reader exploring different characters lives. The storyline is gripping, I am constantly wanting to read on to find out what happens.
This is a lovely bit of escapism for me to enjoy on my breaks at work. Working long hours doing a mentally exhausting job, I find my way of switching off and winding down is to escape from it all and immerse myself completely in a different life, a different world, a different character whose so different to mine.
And this book is doing the job fantastically!
Well, I actually finished this in the wee small hours of Tues 30th August during a (unusually) quiet nightshift.
Absoloutley fantastic! It had my emotions riding hide toward the end and took me on a rollercoaster ride as to what was happening. Fantastic storyline with intirguing characters. I will definately be reading more!!

Wedding Season

Wedding Season

I started reading this book whilst on my jolly hols in Mexico. After reading what was considered a heavy, dark but nevertheless enjoyable book in The Strand by Stephen King, I felt that whilst lying on a beach soaking up some rays I required a bit of lighthearted, easy to read entertainment.

Plus the fact I was away on a group holiday and I’m easily distracted so I didn’t want to read something that required a lot of thought involvement. I don’t want this to sound as if i am discrediting this book as I am not by any means. I am still reading through it as I got a bit more distracted than i thought (by the pool bar – damn you Baileys and Frangelico!)

I felt this book was an appropriate read on the holiday I was on as I was away for one of my best friend’s wedding.

It’s a lighthearted book that revolves around the lives of three women involved in planning weddings and follows their experiences in their personal lives in the build up to a big Wedding. To date I still have a few more pages to go but as the nights start drawing in I am hoping to get cosy on the couch and get through a few more books.

The Stand

Stephen King's 'The Stand'

This is a compelling read!

I have never read Stephen King before, I had only previously watched his films. I picked this book after my fellow classmates at my Creative Writing Class raved about what an excellent writer he is.
Admittedly, I had been naive and had tunnel vision when it came to reading, hence never picking up one of Mr Kings works of art before. My literature intake was limited to light reading of the chick-lit nature. And whilst there is absoloutly nothing wrong with reading these kind of novels (they still hold a firm place in my heart for a good piece of escapism) I am delighted that I decided to deviate from my usual choice.
I started this back in May and it took me a while to read (i wouldn’t consider myself a slow reader but there are a lot of pages and the writing was small – no excuse of course – but a wee justification hehe) I finished reading this on the plane on the way to Mexico.
A must read – a thought provoking what if?….What if the majority of the human race was wiped out within weeks? Throughout this made we want to read on and on to find out what happens and I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are great and display a gripping way of how they cope, adapt and power forward with all that is thrown at them.
I am pleased I have stepped across to the dark side!xx

The Ruby of Egypt

The Ruby of Egypt

Welcome to missuswolf’s world!

Hi (or Hola as I keep saying after spending the past couple of weeks holidaying in Mexico. Yep, it’s a hard life)

Speaking of attempting to use the local language when holidaying, it is a hard habit to get out of once touched down in the rather cooler climate of the UK. In my local the afternoon after I had landed (somethings never change, a drink in the local to prolong that holiday feeling) I found my self nearly saying ‘Hola Seniorita’ to the barMAN and then having to bite my tongue to say ‘Gracias!’

Oh dear.

Plus, having to pay a fiver for a Baileys and Amaretto (a must have pool time refreshment habit that was picked up) after throwing them down my neck free on All Inclusive for two weeks nearly had me comotosed before a drop of alcohol had touched my lips.

Anywho, I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to missuswolf’s world, a place where I can really get in touch with my creative writing side! I am new to all this blogging so you will have to bare with me. I am using this blog as a way of exploring and developing my writing; a place to discuss what I am currently reading and to eventually showcase my own writing.

Happy Reading little wolves!

Love Missuswolf xxx

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